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Amazing cashmere flannel trousers

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I'd like to guage interest in some trousers I am liquidating for a client. They are from Kenyon Ridge, a new label that has been getting good press lately. Basically they sell updated soft shoulder clothing, with an emphasis on rich but wearable fabrics. Quality is very good - they are aiming at the lower, more affordable end of the luxury market. Great stuff. These flannel trousers are light-to-medium weight, 90% wool/10% cashmere blend, and waterproof.. Perfect for winter weather. Double (inward facing) pleats, lined, with a nice waistband. Comparable to say, Luciano Barbera - no handwork but a solidly made trouser in amazing fabrics. I currently have them in tan with reddish brown and ever-so-subtle green highlights/size 35 (stunning,) rich copper brown/sz 36 (stunning,) charcoal/size 36, and blue-grey/size 36 (stunning as well.) They are all brand new on hanger/in bag. Price is $100 each plus $12.50 shipping. If there is a lot of interest I think they have lots of different sizes in each. Also some cotton/cashmere corduroys. Pics soon...
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Sounds like nice pants at a good price. I would like to see pictures, but would definitely be interested in the 34's. I assume they are unfinished. Bradford
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sounds promising
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Sounds good. I might be interested in at least one pair of the 36s.
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I'd like to see the pics. They sound great and the colours unusual.How are they waterproofed? Infused with a chemical? Or is it natural oils from the wools and a tight weave? How does one have them cleaned?
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I'm intrigued. Pictures please.
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I'm also intrigued. Do they make (do you have access to) any different styles? Most specifically flat front. And can you get smaller sizes (29, 30)? I would also love to see pictures. Thanks, Dan
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If you say that the quality is similar to Barbera, I'd be interested in seeing pics of available size 36 especially cashmere cords in earth tones. Who makes these pants (hopefully in Italy)? Thanks, Andrew.
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I too am interested.Size 36. The charcoal and the blue/gray sound interesting. I'll also repeat what Stylestudent asked. Where are they made? Best,Harry
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I'd certainly be interested in the 36/38s. Sound like great pants.
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The fabrics sound great and my waist is 31".
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OK, some answers: Yes, they are unfinished. No flat-fronts that I'm aware of yet, but I'll keep an eye open. As for sizes, I think most are in the 36 -40 range but there are a LOT of these, so I'm sure there are some smaller pairs in there. As for the waterproofing, I sent an inquiry, and this is the answer: "Finished with a treatment that resists stains while providing water shedding characteristic. Don't know chemicals, but it works." I've read about this before, and I don't think normal dry cleaning changes the properties at all. As for country of origin, they are made in Italy. I'm going to try and have pics up by the end of the weekend.
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Pictures - the multicolor are not apparent from normal distance, the slacks appear solid, except with added richness and dimension:
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The pants look really nice. Is there anything we should know about the cut?
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Didn't notice this the first time around, but I re-read your initial post. I'd be VERY interested in the cords, dependent upon color/cut. Any chance you could acquire some in a size 29? BTW, that brick red fabric is beautiful. Really they all are. Dan
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