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Huge Wardrobe reduction

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I've finished my semi-annual wardrobe edit and thought I'd post a list of the items here first. Prices reflect what I'd get on ebay minus fees, so you save a bit. I'm super ruthless when I do these edits, anything that does not fit perfectly or that I have not worn multiple times in the last 6 months has to go, regardless of how nice it is. Time to pay off some credit cards.. Items are all previously worn unless otherwise noted. Shipping is $17.50 for shoes, $15.00 for blazers, $12.50 for pants, $9.00 for shirts and ties, and yes I can combine shipping. First come first serve (first to contact me gets the item.) Items are returnable for credit (on my auctions) but not for cash, so serious interest only please: Blazers: Brioni double breasted  6x2 blazer, light-to-medium weight navy wool gabardine, gunmetal buttons, ticket pocket, burgundy lining, fits a 42 Long, excellent condition - $329 Polo/Corneliani light-to-medium weight navy flannel 2btn blazer, unvented, I swapped the brass buttons for dark horn, fits a slim 44L, excellent condition - $89 Sweaters: Bergdorf Goodman Private Label thick black cotton rib-knit mock-turtleneck vest with zip-front, this one was made by Brunello Cucinelli, Euro size 56 but it fits a US large, brand new and perfect - $139. I have a ton of these in different sizes, also some in navy and light blue if people are interested... http://aharris.calinet.com/CucinelliBergblkvest1.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/CucinelliBergblkvest2.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/CucinelliBergblkvest3.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/CucinelliBergltblvest3.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/CucinelliBergnvyvest3.jpg Slacks (These are all extremely nice...) : Polo (blue label, made in USA) medium weight, light-to-medium grey cashmere twill/flannel trousers, fabric content not marked but they are definitely cashmere, double inward-facing pleats, cuffed, originally size 36, measure 35 x 34 and can go to 39 x 37.5 max, perfect condition - $129 http://aharris.calinet.com/Polocashmeregrey1.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/Polocashmeregrey2.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/Polocashmeregrey3.jpg Jeans: Brand new Joe's jeans, straight leg, very unique denim - 56% cotton/20% wool/20% poly/4% nylon blend, on very close examination there are a number of different colors beneath the surface but at normal distances they look medium blue with very slight distressing. Not strange or gaudy at all, very nice. Size 36, they measure 39 x 33.   - $40 http://aharris.calinet.com/Joesnwtjeans.jpg New Levi's Premium "Homage" jeans, dark blue raw denim, loose fit, straight leg, size 38 x 32, they measure 40 x 34 - $35 http://aharris.calinet.com/Levispremiumhomage.jpg New Mavi "Rocco Flare" jeans, very dark blue denim almost grey/black with minimal distressing, fairly lightweight, marked 38 x 34 but they measure 39 x 33 - $20 http://aharris.calinet.com/Mavirocco.jpg Shirts (again, all amazing shirts, all cotton unless otherwise noted, also remember that sleeves can be shortened) : Borrelli for Louis Boston, denim blue with grey tint and dark washed indigo stripes bordered in gold, amazing fabric that's much less formal than it sounds, I always wore it casually w/jeans, spread collar barrel cuffs, size 16 1/2, measures 17 x 37, excellent condition - $65 http://aharris.calinet.com/Borrellistrp4Louis2.jpg Brand new Borrelli for Bergdorf casual shirt, large check pattern in natural, light tan/super-light blue which looks grey and with a brown overcheck. Hard to describe but amazing fabric, soft spread collar, barrel cuffs, size medium, measures 16.75 x 37 - $119   http://aharris.calinet.com/Borrellicasualcheck2.jpg Brand new Garrick Anderson, orig/$225, made in England, quality comparable to Turnbull & H&K (prob. made in same factories,) sort of a dark lime (very nice shade of green,) spread collar, double-button cuffs, size 17, measures 17.5 x 37.5 - $35 http://aharris.calinet.com/GarrickAndersongrnshirt2.jpg   Shoes: Brand new/unworn Vass black shell cordovan laceup boots, reverse-welted, with vibram sole. Custom shoe trees included. Size 46 (US 12 1/2 - 13) on the Laszlo last. I absolutely love these, which is why I decided to sell them and use the money to order identical pairs in dark brown and black calf instead. Retail at Louis Boston (they carry this exact model) is $1950. Only pair in this size in the world.. First $750 gets them. http://aharris.calinet.com/Vassblkshellcordoboots1.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/Vassblkshellcordoboots2.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/Vassblkshellcordoboots3.jpg Accessories: Brand new James Lock dark tan straw fedora, size 7 1/2 / 61 / XL - $99 http://aharris.calinet.com/JamesLockeFedora1.jpg http://aharris.calinet.com/JamesLockeFedora2.jpg Ties (please buy several at once, saving you some shipping $$ and me a lot of trouble :-) : All Kiton 7-folds, outside ties used but mint, middle tie used/excellent, $49 each TWO OUTSIDE TIES SOLD, BLUE TIE IN MIDDLE STILL AVAILABLE Left-to-right: Altea/worn once, Altea/new, Audrey Buckner/excellent used, Audrey Buckner/worn once - $15 each (Blue/paisley Altea is SOLD) Left-to-right: Bergdorf Private Label wool/worn once/$20, Bergdorf Private Label wool/new/SOLD, Michele Sartori/good shape, one sort of wrinkled area which never bothered me/$15, Nicky linen/silk/worn once/SOLD. The Bergdorfs retailed for $105 and are GREAT ties, and the Michele Sartori is very rare and a really great tie. Nicky needs no explanation. Left-to-right: Kiton seven fold/excellent used/$50, Charvet/good used/SOLD, Zegna/excellent used/$20 And these weren't mine but I had them hanging around and thought I'd add em to the fray: Left-to-right: Audrey Buckner/mint/$10, Romeo Gigli/mint/$10, Barneys private label/new w tags/SOLD, Tino Cosma new w/tags/$15, Pal Zileri/excellent used/$10 Left-to-right: Brioni/mint/$35, Brioni/mint/SOLD, Talbott Best of Class/mint/SOLD, Altea/mint/$15
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I'll take the lot. Well, maybe not the whole thing, but I'm interested in pants, shirts, shoes.
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pix of: the cotton vest fleece vest borrelli for louis boston shirt pix varvatos boots too
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Could i get a deal if i bought all the talbott ties the sulka and boss tie?
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Items sold so far have been removed from original post. I'll continue to do this as things sell...
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*drool* had to delurk just to say, you may just be my body double. or vice versa. however, you caught me with my wallet empty. /andrew II PS - big shoutout to all my styleforum homies.
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Ties are selling well so thought I'd add more before the existing lots ship out. They have been added to the end of the first post...
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Pictures added. Just click the links. If the pic appears grainy, enlarge it by clicking on the lower right hand corner.
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If you are a size 13, check the original post. I just added 3 absolutely amazing pairs of shoes..
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Why oh why do you have to tempt me like that? The Vass are amazing and my size but also waaaay out of my price range. I was too slow to jump on the Santoni Thorpes. Sigh...oh well, maybe next time.
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If you are a size 13, check the original post. I just added 3 absolutely amazing pairs of shoes..
You know what they say about guys with big feet?.
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[/quote]Steve B. Posted on Feb. 04 2005,13:15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know what they say about guys with big feet?. [quote] Yeah......Big Hands.
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Yeah......Big Hands.
Same conclusion, I think...
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Hey, got anything in a 42 or 44 short, I need a deal.
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