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Hugo Boss Stretch

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Greetings, I've been lurking for a while and am hoping your experience can help me. I've been admiring a suit at Harry Rosen, it is a Hugo Boss Rossellini/Movie with 4% stretch fabric. Now in reading through the forum I understand that BOSS is roughly 3rd tier, however, this particular suit retails sub $1000 CAD which is in my ballpark, and I happen to like the look. Could anyone comment on the quality, comparables and what the name Rossellini/Movie relates to? Much appreciated.
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Anyone? How about a hello?
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Welcome to the forum. I have no idea. Okay, to try to address your question, the feeling seems to be that Boss is pretty good for a 'fashion' suit, and if it fits you well, it's a pretty reasonable value. Not the absolute best quality for the money, but if you like it, it's probably worth it. I really haven't a clue as to the name, unless it has something to do with Dennis Hopper's or Kyle McLachlan's wardrobe in Blue Velvet.
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rossellini was one of the great film directors. he made 'voyage in italy' with ingrid bergman, and had a child with her, name isabella, who is now a famous actress. he also made one of my all time favorite movies. it's called 'amore.' rent it.
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It sounds promising but unfortunately I think it doesn't amount to much. I have seen a similar tag saying Bertolucci/Movie on a line of Boss suits at the Saks Off 5th outlet. The first time I saw it my heart leaped - was the design based on the costumes is a Bertolucci movie? Did Boss do the suits for a Bertolucci move? Which one? The Conformist? Could I be that lucky? But the phrase appears on small labels on a whole pile of cheap Boss suits and didn't seem particularly connected to much of anything.
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hugo boss has from the start always given each suit style they make a name instead of a number and it really relates to nothing they tend to follow a series as they've done scientists (einstein/omega) to actors (belmondo/chanson and depardieu) to gangsters (al capone/palermo) i have a cotton stretch boss hugo boss suit called fellini/movie with the same 4% lycra stretch and it's actually a pretty decent suit; save for the shoulders which are more boxy, it fits similar to a thinner silhouette suit as done by jil sander or helmut lang but the lycra gives it some move i've been very pleased with mine, yes it's fused but as stated above, it's a fashion suit as well with a contemporary cut how sub $1,000.00 is it? if it's more than CAN$400.00, you're paying too much - they are available down here at the corporate hugo boss outlet in windsor for that price or less (i think some of the stretch ones were on sale for CAN$299.00 last time i was there)
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3rd tier, 2nd tier, or 1st tier suit, if there's one lesson you take from here, the lesson should be to not pay full retail. By all means, try on Canali, Corneliani, and others, but if you are dead set on Hugo Boss, find them on discount so you can get more of them.
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