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Yes, stick around Mr K.
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aptly put, paul. i would like to see you stick around as well. cred from me on the balls as well, sorry that you had to see the vicious side of a 99% friendly and cool crowd (1% being la guy).
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I hope you stick around as well Mr. K. Out of curiousity, had you visited the site before you became aware of this post?
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Please continue to post. Having members with a variety of style interests will only make this forum a better resource.
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Oh, I knew this would happen, that's why I refrained from further looking at the thread for a while... Mr. Kavanagh, if you still visit, please be the voice from Spain?
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Dear Mr. Kavanagh: Your comments to the forum, above, demonstrate that you are a gentleman in more than just the sartorial sense. I believe we have much to learn from you, as I hope we have much to learn from our fellow human beings in general, and I look forward to reading your subsequent posts should you decide to offer any to this occasionally fractious but generally gemutlich group. Speaking for myself alone, I am certainly glad to welcome you. Etruscan
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In the everyday wear section, I think most all of it is rather well done. If it was me the ties and pocket squares would be worn lower and I'd skip the watch chains. But it's not me, so well done, kudo's. And Mr. Kavanagh, that was an excellent response. Very measured, I'd like to think I would respond in kind after reading a ten page thread about me  
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Mr. Kavanagh, please do join us. I admire, as many have also mentioned, your guts and your coolness faced with all of our comments. As I had written before, your everyday wear is quite what I aspire to, with minor adaptations.
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fabienne your picture is finally displaying properly (for me at least)
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aptly put, paul. i would like to see you stick around as well. cred from me on the balls as well, sorry that you had to see the vicious side of a 99% friendly and cool crowd (1% being la guy).
Ooh Brian, that hurt, coming from you. Am I not friendly? Or am I not cool? Dude, uncalled for attack.
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Thank you very much for the kind words. I hadn't planned posting again, I wasn't aware of the existence of this forum until a friend contacted me to tell me about this thread. I am afraid I really don't have the time to make regular contributions to anything. You may have noticed it's been quite some considerable time since I updated my own site. However I am sure I will look in from time to time. I really do not feel able to act as anyone's style guide. I was never very good at taking advice, much less giving it. However for what it's worth I dress to please myself and no-one else, and I expect anyone with any common sense to do the same. As others have pointed out here, it's all a matter of personal taste. The only person you need to dress to impress is yourself. And after all, it's only clothing, it's really not that important in the cosmic scheme of things. Be comfortable in your own skin and your clothes pretty much take care of themselves. To answer the gentleman who enquired about the labels and makes of my clothes, I really haven't got a clue. I don't pay any attention to labels, I just buy what I fancy. In my experience labels aren't so much a guide to quality as they are a guide to price. I have a couple of favourite ties, one of which was a present bought in an expensive London shop, I am sure it cost quite a bit, the other is a tie I bought for a few euros from a stall at our local street market. It's hard to tell which one cost more. And don't be shy of buying second hand suits either, although it's certainly not as easy to find decent stuff as it once was you can still find some bargains. These days I can afford to get suits made for me, and I get the tailor to copy old suits I bought second hand for a few pounds. (One bit of good advice is always to get two pairs of trousers made with a suit.) Any tailor worth his salt can copy a suit. And you don't need to go to Savile Row to get Savile Row quality. My partner's sister in law used to work in a small tailor's shop in east London. Some of the big names from Savile Row subcontracted tailoring the trousers to these shops. Apparently tailors have a saying - "Any idiot can make a jacket but it takes a proper tailor to make a pair of trousers." Go to one of those shops and you get a suit of Savile Row quality for a fraction of the price. But since I won't be giving advice, here's a story instead. When I lived in London I got invited to a function at an embassy, to my disappointment there was no Ferrero Rocher on offer, but that's not the point of the story. I wore a navy chalkstripe three piece suit - there's probably a picture of it on my website somewhere. I was making idle chit chat with the other guests, as one does, when I was approached by a rather distinguished looking gentleman with a very plummy accent. After we exchanged a few pleasantries he said to me, "I do like your suit. You *must* give me the name of your tailor." "Certainly," I replied, "Relief Fund for Romania." By the way, my partner (who is an ex-Royal Marine and Metropolitan police officer) was greatly amused by the Colonel Klink reference. I am sure I've not heard the last of that one. I used to have a goatee, but I shaved that off because people kept telling me I looked like Lenin. I used to tell them I'd been trying for a Beatles look but it had all gone tragically wrong. saludos Paul Kavanagh
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Well done, sir. Looking forward to future contributions when time allows. Thanks for the insight and levity. - AJL
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Well,Paul,thanks for visiting.-your collection gave us a very interesting perspective on somebody who doesn't "run with the herd." I applaud that.I also was highly entertained by your writing-you have a flair for turning a phrase and a rapier wit to boot.Like you say,"dress to please yourself."I think that's the best one can do.Stop in any time-do keep us informed on any updates to your collection. Cheers.
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Firstly I should possibly explain why I have placed so many photos of myself on my site. My site is not linked to anywhere, it's purely for my own personal use and the URL was given to my friends, many of whom share my interest in collecting vintage clothing. I started taking pictures as a way of cataloguing my collection. I put the pics online at the request of the friends I mentioned.   I was greatly amused by the "is he gay?" postings. Do I detect just a smidgeon of heterosexual angst, boys? Don't worry, you can still take pride in your appearance without it being poofy. In response to the other question - yes I do have a partner, we've been together going on 16 years now.
You are free to do what you want. Even to take picture of you. I guess that "gay" was rather connected with the moustache and the shaved head than with clothes (May be just to military ones).
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By the way, my partner (who is an ex-Royal Marine and Metropolitan police officer) was greatly amused by the Colonel Klink reference. I am sure I've not heard the last of that one.
Um, yeah, sorry about that.   By the way, a great article on the site on buying second hand clothing. I do quite a bit of that myself.
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