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A most stylish gentleman.

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Here is a most stylish gentleman, and his pictorial depictions of his attire. Personal Site.
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I like his style. I can imagine dressing like that.
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the whole pipe moustache thing puts it a little over the top for me. fine clothing though.
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Some great suits, but he looks like Col. Klink from Hogan's Heroes when he wears those military uniforms.
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This guy is obviously putting his tailor's children though college. Some very nice items though.
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a little over the top.
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What a tool.
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Any wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend?
I was looking at his pictures and thinking, this guy must not be married, but then I read part of his blog and apparently he is gay, but I didn't read far enough to see if he has a partner. Quite a collection of clothing however and definitely quite a well developed personal style. Perhaps we should invite him to join Style Forum. Bradford
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Let me know if we invite him so that I can edit that post in which I called him a tool.
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his clothing is great (most of it) I question the, lets say wisdom, of putting pictures of yourself in old military uniforms on the net.....
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I hadn't seen the uniforms. I think he might be gay.
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Agree with Johnnynorman - a complete tool. If he was straight, I can't imagine he has a girlfriend or wife. No sane woman could put up with that. Actually, same goes for any gay guy I know as well (although they seem to have more tolerance for, interesting, foibles.)
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Why is he a tool? Not much of what he's wearing is completely bonkers. He likes clothes from a certain era and of a certain style and so wears them. Many of those clothes don't look dramatically different from what we wear today and I suspect that a fair few people on the forum might look to that style of dress for inspiration..
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I hadn't seen the uniforms.  I think he might be gay.
He says he's gay in one of the entries in his blog - it's in a reference to columns by Andrew Sullivan about the Iraq war and U.S. politics. Bradford
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Sorry, I missed the earlier post that. I skimmed the thread.
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