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Desperately seeking warm overcoat

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This auction ends soon (I hope I didn't just ruin it for myself), so I don't have time to ask the seller a question. Turning here for help. Is this coat likely a vintage piece, or is it something that won't smell of formaldyhyde? Also, just by looking at the picture, is your sense that this will be a fairly warm overcoat? That is, something that would get me through a sleet-filled day in Boston or NYC? Would it go well with grey/charcoal/and maybe even navy trousers/suits? I very much need a second overcoat -- I only have a black one -- as on really cold days my car coats just don't cut it. And, since I'm originally from a warm climate (and hope to be back in one sometime soon), I have a natural inhibitation to spending a lot on heavy outerwear. Auction
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It's hard to say; they sure didn't give much info. I wouldn't buy it without more info and pictures. I think you'd be better off going to a local thrift store.
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It looks pretty light weight to me. I doubt it would be to warm.
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To quote a member of SF, "looks like farmer."  In my opinion, the rough tweed of that coat would look incongruous with a well-tailored suit.  I think you are better off with a navy or charcoal overcoat.  Also, I would hesitate to buy anything off of eBay without very detailed measurements.
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I agree, you could surely do better locally. Did you happen to notice that the belt is missing? I suppose the loops could be removed fairly easily, but the result could be a bell-shaped silhouette. Since you ask, I'd say 'pass.'
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I think it's rather dull, and agree with those above who say you can do better stylewise, and probably price-wise too at a thrift store. I encourage you to pass.
I think the lapels and gorge to be slightly off. But I like the idea and I like the tweed and the detail on the cuffs and I like the slash pockets. It's nice to have a jacket like this. It's a sort of week-end or up to the country coat. What's the tradition on tweed coats like this one in town? $25's not too bad. I don't know, I have too many damn jackets though. For me, I love the deal of a thrift store, but it's taking the time, lately, to browse that has gotten me interested in EBay. For me, it's _almost_ worth it to just to buy off ebay rather than hassle. On the otherhand, you're then stuck with something that you don't want. And the prospect of "flipping" it, as I believe some of you have called it, isn't one that I am keen on. It takes too much time.
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Hey Johnny Norma, Try the "Irish Imports" store just up the street from you on Mass Ave. They might have something up your alley.
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Filene's Basement should have something that fits the bill.  I regularly see nice, standard overcoats selling for $200 and less at the DC branches.  That shouldn't be too much to spend if you're wearing the coat over a $1500 custom suit.  
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Funny you mention it, because I was actually going to ask you if you've ever been to that place. I'm definitely going to check it out. On another front, a neighbor of mine (who I've sold some Borrelli stuff to) is running a great overcoat on Ebay right now, so I'm going to try on the coat at his house before the auction ends.
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From recent experience: If you're considering any natural-fiber coat on eBay that isn't obviously straight from overstock or tag sales, press the seller hard about moth damage before you bid...and expect to be rudely surprised anyway.  
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