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Complexion and colour co-ordination.

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Can anyone recommend a 'definitive' website or book on complexion and colour co-ordination? Ideally something with pictures of brown/dark skinned men and what they should wear. I'm having great difficulty knowing what colours to buy and am worried I'm wasting money buying clothes that aren't right. Flusser's 'Dressing The Man' has some info, but it isn't indepth enough. Some websites I've seen offering differing information. I need an idiots guide, full of pictures, to show me what to do. FWIW I've been thought of as Brazilian, Egyptian, Hispanic and even Turkish once. (OR maybe it was Greek, though I don't want to start a political discussion). When I told a colleague I thought I had an olive complexion, he replied I was just 'brown'.
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High contrast (if you are brown rather than olive), but stay away from black, unless you like looking like a gangster. Charcoals and navies are better. You can also experiment with darker off primary colors and bright colors, but be careful. Ultimately, you have to look in the mirror to figure out if something looks right.
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I think my two biggest mistakes are buying a dark brown hacking coat and a brown suit.  I thought I was a 'winter' type complexion and bought clothes whose colours seemed to fit with the season (well, more autmnal)*. Hopefully I won't look like too much of a blob, though.  I'll pair the jacket with a light blue jumper and I'll wear a white shirt and kerchief with the brown suit.  OK, I'll still be a blob - but I'll be a stylish one goddammit. *Or just because they looked nice in the shop. Tks for the replies, BTW. Keep them coming.
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Doesnt Andy have a chapter about this? scroll down there is a link about color coordination
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A lot of Asian complexions look surprisingly good in dark browns, thus the popularity of the color with lots of Japanese designers and designers popular among them (Margiela, Dries vn Noten, etc...)
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I believe that the definitive book is _Color Me Beautiful_. I forget the name of the author. It's aimed at women, but I don't see why a man couldn't consult. My mom's old copy is very rooted in the 1970s. Perhaps there is an updated edition out there.
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I have slightly fair skin, thus I avoid colors that wash me out, like oranges, lighter greens and too much white. I find that totally avoiding certain colors isn't the answer. Fabic texture has just as much to do with complimenting the skin tone. I can and do wear the above colors with varying fabric textures.
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Hi, I am a relatively light skinned Indian (from India - not Native American) with Black hair. I am confused for Hispanic and Italian. I think hair color matters as much as skin color. I think I look fine in browns - but awful in blacks and slightly lighter shades of grey. Blues seem to work best on me. Even a great suit - if not suited (pun intended) for the wearer will look awful. Rajesh
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I know Steve's book (see Buying and Selling) has a section on this with a big chart, but to be honest, I couldn't really understand it. That doesn't mean it isn't good or helpful, though.
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Carole Jackson wrote Color Me Beautiful which explains the whole color thing. There's also a version for men, but the original book works for men as well as women.
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Thanks for the info. I'll investigate all things mentioned. Incidentally I had looked on Ask Andy, but of the two pages I found specfically about complexion, each seemed to different sets of colours suited me.
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reviving an old thread..
i'm trying to find out how to determine my skin colour/tone..and then sites/advice on how to best work with my colouring..
i'm surprised this topic hasn't been covered in detail yet on SF

for those of you wanting to chip in with sarcastic/funny comments feel free, but if you're on SF then you do care how you look
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