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Originally Posted by hchan221 View Post

I just purchased a pair of IR and I was wondering when I should apply a layer of Obenauf LP? Should I apply now or after a lot of wear?

After tea but before dinner (supper)
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These are not good on ice. Be careful, fellow Northerners.
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Originally Posted by OldSnake308 View Post

Originally Posted by Schpacko View Post
Just wanted to share this:

my - more or less - brand new amber IRs. I like em a lot, pretty comfortable already.

Slim/Skinny looks like the way to go for these slimmer/narrow boots.

Those boots lookin good

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Hey guys, here to definitively say- GO A WHOLE SIZE DOWN. Fit like a fucking glove- right out of the box. Whenever I'm out with these bad boys its like my feet are having sex. Makes conversation slightly more difficult because of the consistent moaning- but totally worth it.

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Originally Posted by tomorrowstars View Post

Yeah, they're looking way better with RRL slim fit and 511s.
EDIT: With 511s

that's still way too skinny imo. Since your legs are really skinny you should wear slim straights or something otherwise it looks out of proportion
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I've been wearing my Iron Rangers for a week now. They stretched just enough in terms of width, however, i still experience minor pain where the boot bends. The bend is somewhere between the laces and the cap stitching. Is there any chance that they will eventually break in? Or does it mean that I got the wrong size (I doubt that, because 1/2 size larger was too roomy and the heels slipped like in a... well, like in a slipper). 


Also, how is one supposed to tie this kind of boot? tight all the way up? Tight in the lower part and looser in the upper part, or vice versa?


On the other subject: have you seen this on the Red Wing 1905 blog




Basically, Iron Rangers sans speed hooks plus perforated wing tipped cap. A take on Wolverine's Addison territory? 

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Unintentional double post, sorry.

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^ I went a half size down, a bit roomy in the toes, but no slipping in the back. Been wearing them a lot for about two weeks. I had the same foot pain where the boot bends at the start, but it seems a lot better already. I'd say just suffer through it and hope for the best.
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Wow I just got some black IR's a month ago and would have much preferred these! Not that I don't love mine, I just like these more. 


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Hello everyone. I'm new here but wanted to post that I just picked up the Iron Ranger boots today and they're a great fit. I normally wear 10-10.5 depending on the shoe but got a 9.5. It's really a perfect fit like if these boots were designed around my feet. Already contemplating picking up a second pair in the amber since the pair I got today was black.
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i am waiting for my 8114 to arrive too ... god .. the wait biggrin.gif ..
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Here they are in brown. Coming to the US Fall 2012.

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I'm not feeling those at all. I like the Iron Ranger but I don't think it's a boot that works with a wingtip style. The front looks like it should be on a more elegant boot (GT might have been a better fit imo)
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nice IRs...especially the black one..


any idea if there be new models for the GT?

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I think they look quite elegant. I wonder why they perforated only the toe cap, and not side seams and heel pocket.

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