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One more thing about Red Wing:




Is this true?

Im asking because there is no way to find them in local store at my city.

I want to buy them online, but it's hard to choose right size :(

Normally I wear russian size 43, it's US 10.

What size should I buy?

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It is true. I just finally got a pair of these in the right size yesterday. I am a 10 1/2, always have been as an adult. At the Red Wing store they measured me as an 11 (??), and had a pair sent over since they had none in stock. The 11's were huge when I tried them on. I ordered a 10 1/2 and a 10 from Zappos. Both were big. I ordered a 9 1/2 from piperline which fit pretty good. They are a touch long, but I couldn't go smaller, so they're the ones I kept. I would say get a 1/2 size and a whole size lower than your regular shoe size from an online store and keep the one that fits the best. Most folks seem to order a half size down, but the 10's were VERY big on me.

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PSA: Brooks Brothers has a site-wide sale going on now... Their RW IRs come in at $180 (you have to add it to basket and then click on Checkout).

How does the colour of the Brooks Brothers IR compare with the original RW ones?
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It's more....shiny...
Also diff sole
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Hm. Are there real-life pictures of the BB Iron Rangers? I presume the leather gets less shiny after some wearing and dubbing...
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Just received my Amber Harness Iron Rangers from Revolve ($196). They are great! Actually, it the best pair of boots that I've owned — I know they are nothing special, but if you saw what is sold here (in Russia), you would probably poke your eyes out. 


I've put two coats of Obenauf's on them (with heating) first thing, and they darkened as expected, but not too much, actually they were quite dark out of the box, darker than on most of the pictures I've seen. Good thing is that the pull-up effect is still there, and the leather becomes of beautiful amber colour on the creases.


I usually wear 9, but IR in 9 were too wide in the shaft and my heels slipped, so I got 8.5. They fit nice, but are a tad narrow (which was a surpise, because I have medium-to-narrow feet). I think they will stretch — they are already much more comfotable after only two days of wear. However, they are still tough as wood, and I am expecting that blood will be spilled by the end of the evening.


The boots look surprisingly slim, and, in my opinion go quite well with my fitted black Levi's 501's (13" leg opening).


I am considering to change the laces for leather ones — do you think it's a good idea? What are other good lace variants for IRs? Waxed cord, probably?

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i just snagged the last pair of j. crew iron rangers (like hawthorne but w/ gunmetal hardware) for about $160 (on sale + 20% off)

i intend to immediately switch the stock laces w/ leather laces; i think it'll look pretty good
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I got my first RW from, they arrived from Germany in 7 days  fing02[1].gif


They fits perfect, thanks for the tips. By the way, what's the difference in mm between D and EE?





 They fitsfDSC00165.jpgDSC00165.jpg

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Are the iron rangers for $160 already off thte site?

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Echoing Moody's post: Got my Black IRs from Revolve at 30% discount. Usually a 9D, 8.5D in RW 877, got these in 8.5D and they fit perfect. So pleased to get it right on the first try.
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Doesn't look too bad. Though had the eyelets been darker or black and not such a stark contrast against the black leather, it would certainly been better. With the skinny jeans, the look is different, but not goober silly imo. I think it helps that the IR has a slender silouete and not that typical fat work boots looks.
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they dont work with super skinny sorry bro, maybe a jean with a little looser leg opening...
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Originally Posted by spacemanvt View Post

they dont work with super skinny sorry bro, maybe a jean with a little looser leg opening...

Yeah, they're looking way better with RRL slim fit and 511s.

EDIT: With 511s
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I just purchased a pair of IR and I was wondering when I should apply a layer of Obenauf LP? Should I apply now or after a lot of wear?

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