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Ferragamo belt

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Here is an auction for a Ferragamo belt. It seems very inexpensive. Was wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether or not it might be fake. A similar belt would cost close to $200 at Nieman Marcus.
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Looks real enough. I've bought their belts from the Chicago boutique. You cut them to the size you want, and then the buckle clips on. I have one that is reversable. I have never seen a buckle that bends like that, but they make so many kinds. You might call a boutique and describe the one on ebay, see if they have any recollection.
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I would be very suprised if it were real. Given the price, the location, the fact that it's a private auction, and the seller's big supply of commonly faked items, I think it's one too many red flags.
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I now consider everything from Singapore and China to be faker then a porn starlet's orgasm.
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faker then a porn starlet's orgasm.
Nah, that's biologically impossible.  Why would they lie about it on camera anyway?
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I agree, it's just too ambiguous. I wouldn't trust it, even though I cant find any specific points to call the seller out on.
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Nah, that's biologically impossible. Why would they lie about it on camera anyway?
All acting is lying. I don't know...if they haven't, ummmm, completed their end of the bargain by the time the chap is done his work, then they'd have to fake it. I think I read an interview with one porn starlet that said she faked many of them. Just like belts from Singapore. (I had to bring the post back on point).
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Say, that certainly is a 'prestige' belt. I like the buckle, though. Honestly, at that price, I might go for it even if it were fake or a no name brand, if I could see the strap. Who's trying to impress people by wearing Ferragamo, anyway?
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Super high quality Hermes and Ferragamo fake belts are ubiquitous in South Korea and Thailand. I cannot believe how much people pay for fake Hermes belts on eBay. The belt you are looking at is almost certainly fake - but very good quality.
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