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I just love the last line of this post, "I bet the Tom James rep isn't a personalized image consultant to boot." As a Tom James sales rep, I spent 4 months in training after a rigorous interview process, spent pretty much a month out of town to train how to measure, about the history of how woolens are made, visiting our facilities, etc. Then I come back to spend 6 months in training following experienced habadashers and work 12 hour days.

I respect J. Hilburn reps and am personal friends with a few. However, the time, training, and professionalism of Tom James representatives is not to be undermined. It is not a job, or a way to earn a little extra cash- it is an intense passion of the trade and their customers and a life long career. Maybe they are not only style consultants, but experts and advisors "to boot."
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My alterations tailor recently started offering J. Hilburn shirts and suits. I went to his shop just before closing this afternoon to pick something up, so I didn't have time to get deeply into questions, but here's what he told me about the shirts that he's offering:

* He described the shirts as "custom." He takes all the measurements. I can customize the usual (collar, cuffs, placket, buttons, yoke, etc.). I forgot to ask about interlining.
* Thomas Mason fabrics are available. I forgot to ask which line.
* Shirts are made in Portugal.
* Price range is $100-180, including shipping and tax.

Regarding suits (and sport coats):

* They're MTM.
* From my questions, it sounds like the suits are pretty much entirely machine made, also in Portugal.
* VBC and lesser fabrics are available.
* Price range seemed to be in $800-1000 range.

He had one finished shirt on hand for a customer, but it was in plastic, so I couldn't examine details closely. I'm curious to get a test shirt made, but I wonder:

* Is this likely to be good Thomas Mason fabric or some more inferior line? Can I tell from the number in the book whether, for example, it's Silverline? I know I should just look at and feel the fabric myself, but I do wonder what I'd be buying.
* Are the shirts likely to be made in China and finished in Portugal, or actually made in Portugal? Not that it really matters if the work is good, I'm just curious where the work is being done.

The price range seems reasonable, if the fabric is actually a decent Thomas Mason. Plus, it would be nice to have a local tailor I trust take my measurements and make any adjustments. If I decide to get a shirt made, I'll report back.
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