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APC bag?

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Opinions on this: ? Retail seems rather low. Can anyone comment on other APC bags perhaps? Thanks, Dan
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Doesn't look like anything I've seen from A.P.C., the french label, and doesn't seem like their type of design or use of materials either. Most APC bags I've seen have minimal details and are made of cotton canvas, or a combination of leather and canvas, especially on their larger bags.. I could be wrong, of course, but I'll bet that this APC is not that APC. And I think that "Genuine leather" tag is pretty much a giveaway.
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Thanks LA Guy. I'm sure you're right. Any recommendations for where to get a good, smallish gym bag? Thanks, Dan
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I'm no apc expert, but I agree that doesn't look very french. What, more specifically, are you looking for? Adidas makes a lot of bags that are functional without sacrificing look completely. Then again, you have to not mind having an adidas bag. EDITED: Links don't work. I liked the Originals "Satch" bag, which is 15" x 6" x 10", and the Santiago IV Teambag Small, which is 20" x 11" x 11". Just look around Dunno if you had something more "design" oriented in mind, or leather... they have Y-3 bags, too... I'll stop shilling for Adidas, it's just the first thing that comes to mind when you say "gym bag".
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Functionality is my top concern.  In fact, I'd prefer it to NOT be leather.  I had an adidas bag, and the strap broke from the bag at the seam.  Being a nylon or whatever, it frayed a lot and it definitely irreparable.  Is this characteristic, or did I get a lemon?  It certainly wasn't used roughly, or even close to what it should be able to withstand. Pretty sure that Santiago is the bag that I had. Plus, the plastic latches constantly squeaked against one another whenever I walked. It drove me crazy. Dan
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Hmmm... The one I used in high school and college did fray eventually, but this took awhile. I dunno if this is an Adidas thing though, or just a nylon thing. Most of these bags are dirt cheap ($25-$30), so it might just come with the territory. has a bunch of bags that might be higher quality, and I had an awesome patagonia mesgr kind of bag (Half mast?) that I lost... here tis, half mass bag.
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The bag you've linked is definitely not the APC we're thinking of. If you want a small gym bag that's going to last a while I think these might work: MEC Duffle Dakine A.
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