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socks for boots. Smartwool?

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Just bought a pair of GTs online and now I need some boot socks. I need something that will wick away moisture like a smartwool sock, but is not too thick (gets too hot indoors) or as thin as a dress sock I wear with dress shoes (would cause blisters in boots). Smartwool is confusing because there are so many types and I don't really have any experience with them.

Any suggestions for specific models of socks would be appreciated.
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Smartwool is great- their dressier socks are thinner. Mind you, if it's 80 degrees out they'll still be warm.

I spent 5 days tramping all around Amsterdam wearing smartwool daily. Loved them.
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Smartwool are great, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply on STP.
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On the Smartwool website you can browse their product catalog, sorted by amount of cushion, which I found invaluable in finding the socks I wanted. I also like Wigwam socks, though I'm only familiar with their Comfort Hikers. I wear them hiking (of course) and sometimes casually with desert boots (makes the lack of arch support in the deserts less of an issue, too).
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