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Kent Wang makes a good looking cotton trench in navy for warmer weather.
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Thanks for all the replies, gonna poke around for a mac jacket too.

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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post

Thanks for all the replies, gonna poke around for a mac jacket too.


This is the Wang jacket I was referencing.



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Seems very expensive for what it is...
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Shoe Newbie Alert! I would be very grateful for members advice and recommendation regarding the basic work shoes. I am looking for black oxfords/loafers for work which can take decent amount of wear and tear around 200-300sh USD(flexible).


Unfortunately as much as I would like to I cant own more than a couple. I have to travel a lot for work(IT) and basically living in 2 suitcases so I cant own 4-5 pairs(2 max). I read a lot about AE but want a little more stylish than that. Magnanni and To boot wont do the trick.


I did liked a Meermin(online) but I cant find them in Charlotte NC and I am not sure about blind buy online.


I will appreciate any help/advice/recommendations/links.




Happy New Year.    

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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post

Seems very expensive for what it is...

This.  Idk, seems like something you can get at any department store locally for much much cheaper.   Hell I could thrift that for $5 I bet.  

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^^ Yeah could be.  I found the site reading an article touting their high quality.  Like Roger above, warm weather rain gear flummoxes me.

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Originally Posted by gringodaddy View Post

I don't own cordovan boots, I'm only pointing out that many of them seem to be made for bad weather.  That seems counterintiutive given pbooth's assertion (that I have read here from other posters as well) that they are a poor choice for bad weather.  I always thought sueded to be more delicate than leather, so my hesitation is based on preconceived notions rather than their actual performance. The only suede shoes I own are Ferragamo bit loafers and a pair of JM Weston captoes, so I wouldn't wear them for bad weather regardless because they aren't boots.  I keep a few pair of shoes at my desk in case I want to/need to change them for whatever reason.

Honestly, if you want boots that you can wear into an office in bad weather and don't want them to look causal (like chromexcel, or rough out leather and such) the best thing to get is scotch grain boots. It shines up well and because of the process of getting the grain stamped onto the leather it seals the pores a bit and makes it more waterproof than regular smooth calf. Also, the grain makes water spots less noticeable. You can go the corrected grain route too. Church makes some nice boots, or you could get some MTO Church's in polished binder with lug soles for the winter, their polished binder leather is like a tank against the elements. It is great quality leather, just corrected and polished for the look and durability essentially.
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I'd like to buy a good pair of chukka's on a danite sole, but on a day like today, I could give a shit about how I look heading into work, it's more about staying warm and dry.  Also, my office is hotter than hell, so I shed my boots and change into shoes that I keep here for such contingencies.

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Leffot has some awesome Vibreg and Rider Boot chukkas right now. I like the Scotch grain Rider's. I own a pair of Scotch grain Rider's that I am wearing as I type.
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If it's the Ithaca on their site that is a very nice looking boot for sure.  Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems kind of pointy though, which I don't like (on me).  Particularly in a boot.

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I wouldn't call it pointy at all having seen it in person.
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I'm sure it's just the two dimensional view.

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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post

What do you guys wear in rainy/slushy weather?

I have a black trench coat that I feel odd wearing unless I have a suit under it, and the rest of my water repellent jackets are too casual, too sporty, or to out on the town. Basically looking for outerwear that goes with blazers, odd jackets, sweaters etc.

And footwear? I have snow boots, bean boots, Sorels, and a pair of RL boots that are a bit dressier, but they aren't great for rain when it isn't too cold.

I would get a pair of Hunters, but my brain just associates them with girls.

Thanks in advance,

Rainy weather calls for my single breasted rain coat and slushy weather could be anything from my Woolrich Artic Parka to either my Barbour Chelsea Jacket or Beaufort depending on the temp. For footwear it'll usually be any of my dress shoes with a pair of Swims over them.
Originally Posted by gringodaddy View Post

a barbour jacket is a nice spring/fall piece but if you spend anytime exposed to the elements in the Norteastern US you need something  knee-length and IMO hooded (though of course perhaps not in every setting).  I agree on the suede.  I know people here use them as foul weather shoes but I can't get my brain around that.  Winter calls for proper boots.
I prefer suede in rain if it is darker color suede, as they'll still look OK after getting wet and dirty, whereas a polished shoe might not look as good. If there is salt on the ground though,I won't wear the suede out.
Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Cordovan looks like shit when it gets wet. Keeps your feet dry and holds up, but it ends up looking awful.
I'm always worried about welting and their maintenance with shell.
Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

On some days, outerwear looks go to shit in favor of staying warm and dry.
+1 on this. If I went in to work today it would have been my Artic parka for the warmth.
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