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I have a constant conundrum when buying suits. I'm a 40S jacket because but really only need to 40 to fit around my backside. The shoulders always look just a little more Frankenstein-ian than I'd like. If I size down to a 38S the shoulders and armpits fit perfectly for a very nice tailored look. However, the jacket pulls a little when buttoned. On either I always need to get the sleeves shortened.


So, my question to you all is do I go with the 38S and have it let out a bit seeing as the shoulders fit nicely? I've heard that sometimes when you let jackets out there's a seam that ends up showing. Or, do I get the 40S and have a tailor work some magic to get the shoulders to fit better?


Thank you for the advice.

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Originally Posted by jamezism View Post

Is a plaid/madras blazer formal enough to wear to court during the summer time?
A plaid blazer? Maybe. Some plaid blazers would be acceptable year 'round. Others would be wrong year 'round. Show me the blazer.

Madras? I wouldn't do it, myself.

But I do see plenty of people showing up for court in jeans, polo shirts, sneakers, etc. So by those standards, a madras blazer, with a nice pair of pants, buttondown shirt, and shoes, doesn't sound so bad.

It probably also matters who you are, where you are, and why you're there. A $375/hour lawyer, showing in up in federal court in NYC, to argue his client's $150 million case, is one thing. The guy who's showing up at traffic court in suburban Anytown, to offer an apology/explanation and hope for a PBJ on a charge of doing 72 on a 55mph road, is another.

And, of course, there are lots of other reasons why a person might be showing up for court. And lots of judges who have personal biases regarding what they do and don't want people to wear in their courtroom.

So that's my answer to you - It depends. Provide additional relevant background, and maybe someone will be able to give you a better answer than that.
Michael (who is willing to wear a seersucker suit and bow tie to court, but only when south of the Mason/Dixon line)
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Originally Posted by AdamAdam View Post

So, my question to you all is do I go with the 38S and have it let out a bit seeing as the shoulders fit nicely?
First try shopping around a little. Not all 40S suits have identical shoulders. Some - like many Jos. A. Bank suits - tend to have these massively over-built shoulders. Others don't.

I'm not saying that the alterations route is necessarily a bad move for you. Just that, if you can find a make of suit that's cut a little less generously across the shoulders, you might be able to avoid the Frankenstein thing without having to resort to alterations, which would likely be best.
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Menswear n00b is back. Recap: I have 2 weddings to attend, a week apart from each other. I picked up one suit (blackwatch or black, grey, and purple tartan,whatever's it's called) and will wear it for both, but will wear different shirts and ties w/ the suit.

I've decided on 2 shirts: light purple (pictured) and white. Question: what color ties would go best? I've already decided on a 'patterned' tie of some sort, but what base color would look best with this suit and purple and white shirts?

And this is probably a no-no...but a grey tie with it? (I just threw it on to see how it looked)

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Tie bar w/o jacket? I recently got my Kent Wang clip, seems like it's a great way to keep the tie tail from dipping into unwanted places like your food or a wet sink (when washing your face).

I have no need to a jacket for work usually because Singapore is too hot for one...only needed when meeting big clients / interviews / important events. Also, I'm not going to be the idiot who is impeccably dressed but broiling alive in 34 celsius and 90% humidity weather.
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Dont wear a tie without a jacket, it makes you look like a waiter or a child whose mommy made him get dressed up for school pictures.
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"What is the general SF consensus on pants without belt loops? Most notably, RLBL suits come with such pants." 

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I don't have belt loops on any of my suits--I wear them with braces. My odd trouser do have belt loops.
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Ok I know this is very un SF but would appreciate it if anyone knows how I can find more of this tie series. Afaik it's d&g about 15-20 years old. Need to replace one
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Hey guys, I need advice on what shoe size would fit me well


Shoe in question is Herring Hampstead (using last 026 only in width F)


I fit into Clarks DB size 9 and most of my shoes are US 10.5 (only with exception of my Converse shoes idk why it's in size UK11 ?)


I have a flat foot though.. my feet measures 4.4 inches wide and 10.77 inches long

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I can't tell from your other shoes, but I do own one pair on the 26, and they are a generous fit.  I'd guess a UK 10F would be very comfortable, and possibly even a 9.5.  Herring are very helpful if you email them to ask.

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Does anyone know what the folding on the thighs of pants is from? Example below. I wear a size 33. If I get a size 34 and get the seat and rear rise taken in, the sides are pretty clean, comparable to "02 STRAIGHT" fit below. If I get 33's (which don't really need the seat or rise taken in too much), it's got the same fold on the side as this "04 RELAXED" fit below.


How can I fix that? If you see it from the front, it makes my thighs look gigantic. I look like one of those hunters with the huge thigh pants.


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Anyone know were can I get some suede loafers? Kind off like these:

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Blue plain suede loafers? Not sure. I got some blue suede string loafers from Carmina/Skoab..








I like them but I haven't really worn them yet. I'd suggest against it unless you've already got a vast wardrobe and know how to wear them well.

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Thank you, but Im looking for some that dont have any kind of details/stitching in the top (not sure how its called). Just plain like the ones I posted but maybe better quality.
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