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Wow great pictures. You really put some effort into this.

Looks a bit short, but then again it is hard to say anything with these photos...
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post
If you're trying to be like Spoo then get those AE's in green

Well played sir.
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Dear all, in the film lord of war, approximately 1 hour in, Nicolas Cage's character meets with this african dictator, who appears to be wearing a rather amazing shirt,. -(it's somewhat unidentifiable). I was wondering if anyone happens to know a) what that is, and b) where could one be found.

Pics here:

Movie title here:

P.S - First post, but have been on these forums for a long time now!
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that's certainly custom-made for the movie. Find a friendly, adventurous shirt maker, especially one who makes for the stage, and prepare to pay for custom work. The fabric looks like a heavy cotton-linen blend.
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I would check an army surplus store in Uganda
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Thanks, alliswell,

Recently found out that it was called a military shirt, however, most of the ones I have found seem to be a little wide of the mark. Are there any good examples for me to show my tailor? (bespoke, of course )

A close-but-not-really example is found here, at topman, of all places:

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I decided to consolidate my watch collection. Selling them (as well as other items) here:

Cheap plug for items I'm selling!!

I think I have narrowed it down to these 3.

Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Vintage Submariner

Breitling Superocean Heritage

Pros and cons? I am leaning towards the explorer. I think it looks great with a Nato strap and isn't as prevalent as the submariner. But the submariner is a timeless classic.
The breitling is a lot "gaudier" but i love the mesh strap...and the face/dial looks very clean and sleek.

This next watch will be pretty much my only and last watch. I'm pretty much getting rid of all the watches I've accumulated over the years (except for a Datejust, a G-shock, and a vintage Heuer diver)
I want it to last a lifetime and will pass it on to my son when he is older. My price range is $3K-$ save for the breitling, i will be buying a pre-owned.

Thanks in advance for any and all input.
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Originally Posted by buddha123 View Post

Anyone own these? Opinions?

Please keep comments objective. I don't need a diatribe against all loafers.

What would you like to know? BB does not make their own shoes. They are made in England by one of the major shoemakers there - Crockett and Jones or Alfred Sargent, I believe (There is no Peal and Co.). Others may have a bead on who exactly. Quality is likely to be good, and the price looks good to me. It comes down to how you like the style. That's the part that is not for me.
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Pants are a huge
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I have a bit a problem, I can't find shirts that fit me. I'm 6'2 and 175lbs. I'm a bit on the lean side, but even I was ripped I'd still need shirts in my size. For reference a t-shirt the fits be well would be a typical J. Crew cotten tee in small and in "tailored" fit. My problem is I can't find any dress shirts that fit me well because the arms are too short. If they made slim medium-talls that'd probably work perfectly. If Banana Republic made small-talls, or slim medium-talls that'd work too, but the fact is they don't. One shirt that does fit me well is Brooks Brothers Extra Slim fits, but the only have 3 or 2 styles? Which, doesn't play out well at all. What do I do? EDIT : I did try a medium silm medium-tall BR shirt, it didn't fit. Way too tent-like.
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Originally Posted by oaw01 View Post
Pants are a huge

I know, I haven't worn those pants in a long time. I've lost a lot of weight since I bought those pants...they were simply the only clear pair of tan pants I had on hand
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NM. Decided against it.
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Looks too short.
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I'm 5'9.

Would this length:

(back) top of collar to bottom: 27"

be too short? Even if I wore it as a blazer?

Are blazers usually worn shorter than if I'd wear it as a full suit?
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have no idea w/o pictures.
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