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Omfg, I wrote "like twice a year"! I hope I'm not turning into a valley girl.

I meant to say "approximately twice per year" I swear.

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Thanks, J011yroger.


Yes, I agree that a navy blazer would probably not be workable, although anything less formal could probably look quite balanced. Concerning the flannel charcoal trousers, I think the heavier, softer fabric texture could take precedence over the darker grey in this instance. And if also paired with a v-neck jumper or something like a tweed sports coat, it should be workable.


Further, I feel that suede is perhaps more forgiving than leather shoes in similar, lighter colouring. And therefore could add something a little different but still elegant, while maintaining relative formality if paired with the correct attire. Having said that, they are intended for more casual wear, with the option of being a little more smartly dressed on the odd day.


Surely, I should be able to get more than twice a year use out of them, as I intend to wear them as a second or third pair?




I should clarify, the last sentence was not meant as a disagreement but rather an invitation for more opinions.

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Yes, they are ideal for pairing with a jumper, and I am sure you will wear them often if they are your second or third pair. 


They are quite versatile and can be worn with most anything in between a navy blazer and a Rolling Stones t-shirt on the formality scale.


The thing is that when you are starting out you buy lots of versatile stuff, and then as you go on, and your mental illness and clothing compulsion gets worse, you buy more specialized items. So someone like me, who has around 12 pair of black shoes, would not often wear the pair of black shoes that I would advise a recent graduate to purchase.


It is like you buy a Swiss army knife, and use it all the time, then as the years go on, you get a better saw, and a better file, and better scissors, and better tweezers, and a better fish scaler, then you hardly use the Swiss army knife anymore.



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Perfectly articulated analogy there, J011yroger.


Indeed, I am still at an early stage of building a quality wardrobe. And felt that, having recently added black cap-toe oxfords, dark brown derby-style full brogues and burgundy quarter-brogue oxfords, brown suede could be the next logical addition. That way, I can add them to my daily rotation consisting of the dark brown brogues and the burgundy oxfords, with the suede providing further character and contrast while still remaining practical.

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Sounds like a solid plan.

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You don't really have 12 pairs of black, do you?
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Can I plead the 5th?

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I own a pairs of Paul smith Cesar boots brown

This is a pic of them

I just use the mink oil on it but just thin layer , it's lost thier shine.(wanna cry)


How can i fix this ? To return their shine Or I just continue wearing it and wait for polish time.

I'm from Thai , I want to apologize , if my English is terrible.

Thank you for all reply
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I am eyeing a 3-piece suit, nice cut, good price, my size 52.

There has been a mixup.  This last one they have seems to have a size 50 vest, 52 everything else.


52 usually fits me loose (pants definitely need a belt to stay put in place), but I prefer the look/shape of 52.  50 fits me albeit tightly.


My question:  Is it true vests need to fit perfectly?  Will the 50 be uncomfortable for me?  more importantly, when just wearing pants and vest, will the 50 vest and 52 pants look not right together?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

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Originally Posted by imatlas View Post

Without knowing your size, you'll be forced to go by measurements, which is pretty hit or miss.

You live in NYC, one of the top cities for shopping on earth. Go try on some overcoats already!
Point me toward a few ideas, at least? I feel like if I randomly wander into (eg) Saks I'm likely to spend $$$ on something mediocre. Thanks to my wife, I know there are lots of nifty boutiques and consignment shops and thrift stores etc out there, but the ones I've shopped at do not sell menswear wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Xancatrius View Post

Does anybody know the prices for the other Neapolitan tailors ie Sabino Panico Palermo?


I was looking at a decent fabric, maybe a Dormeiul or something. 

To the best of my knowledge, €2000 including fabric is the standard price point.  You can spend more and you can spend less, but €2000-2200 seems to be the sweet spot from what I hear.  

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Originally Posted by confused1 View Post

Maybe I should have posted my question in this thread instead of starting my own.  Anyway...

I'm looking to buy an interviewing suit for the entry-level legal market.  I want to go dark gray / charcoal.  However, I only have $350-400 to spend.
Originally Posted by abl View Post

Lawyers in most major markets tend not to be too fashion-savvy...

lol... like the understatement of the century. lol8[1].gif

Confused.. I'd agree with both alb and 12345Michael except that I'd add you can really find some good deals on higher quality suits in that price range at Nordstrom's Rack, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Saks Off FIfth. Of course it depends on the amount of time you have, but having been in the same law school interview boat as you I know there are plenty of deals to be had if you look around.

First things first though... you must go to full-range stores to try on as many suits as possible until you find a brand and cut that will dependably and closely fit you OTR so as to minimize alterations. Start with the jacket and shoulders and work your way down. Good luck.

and btw... my cynical feeling is even if you're only halfway successful you'll still look better than the majority of the interviewees if not the interviewers as well! Most attorneys dress like shit.
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What's up everyone. So, i just bought a seersucker tie. I don't own any other seersucker garment. I thought I could wear it with linen pants. I don't know if I should wear a long or short sleeve white cotton shirt or a white, blue, or yellow linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I have a off white, sand, olive and brown color linen pants. The tie is light, multi colored. Also, im not sure what kind of shoes or even sandals to wear. Im going to Mexico for a few days at the end of the month...i will be on the gulf..staying on the beach and wanted to break out the tie for a night. Any responses are appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.

P.S. I don't know if it matters but, I'm a red head lol. Well, it's more like reddish-brown/auburn.
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Originally Posted by Thomas Mac View Post

I don't know if I should wear a long or short sleeve white cotton shirt or a white, blue, or yellow linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
I am hard pressed to think of any situation where short sleeve shirt and tie wins out over long sleeve shirt and tie. No, not even when it's really hot outside. (If it's that hot, what are you doing outside in a tie, in the first place? And really, in a jacket and tie, since if you're wearing a tie, you ought to be wearing a jacket, as well.)

This being SF, I've no doubt someone will opine that short sleeves with a tie can look good, and perhaps post a pic of some pop culture icon in short sleeves and tie. Nevertheless, it's not good, and you shouldn't do it.
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Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship a leather jacket from UK to Canada via the cheapest method (I'm assuming Royal Mail)?

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