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I am reviving this old vintage Florsheim post as a new member here ( im on a lot of vintage watch forums so I know my way around some vintage  blogs).  I am only asking the basic question: Do these vintage 70s facsimile  of the Florsheim Kenmoor Imperial in the O'Sullivan "Imperiale'  and the Bostonian line stack up in basic quality to the Florsheim? Or was Florsheim tops?  Is the whole 'v' cleat heel and 5 nail sole something that was copied by many US shoe manufacterers to capitalize on the Florsheim or just SOP for decent US shoes? 



top: Bostonian circa 70s w 'v' cleat and 5 nail sole,  'Benchmade' , Same 'florsheim' style cartouche, all leather /full grain tops etc,

O'sullivans Imperial also supposed to be 70s maybe early 80s, worn once, otherwise pristine. full grain with white  rubber 'logo' heel insert, same 'florsheim' style cartouche, goodyear welt on both.  Are these the 'real deal' in terms of US made vintage quality gunboat wingtips? I paid just under $70 for both from 2 different sellers. I am not too worried if I make a mistake as I know I can always wear them to work in my shop.



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I am looking to buy my first suit.  I've spent enough time on this forum to learn the importance of fit, and I've learned that very few things fit me well off the rack.  My biggest problem is that I am, for lack of a better term, "curvy" from lifting weights for a decade.  My shoulders are very slopey, and my traps add a curve to this slope. My deltoids are rounded out.  My drop is around 9". In order to get pants to fit me well they almost always have to be taken in at the waist. etc. 


What are my options for finding something that doesn't fit like trash?  Are there any places in Chicago I could go to for a MTM or even bespoke suit?  How much should I expect to spend on getting a suit to fit me very well?  I'm willing to pay a good chunk.


Thanks for any help.

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for those in the middle of buying kids school uniforms like me take note Gap has 35% off with code gapfriends.

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thanks a lot for the feedback!

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Looking for my next suit - Charcoal Grey. What would you say is my best option?

1 - Mr. Fields in DC (Truly Custom made) - about 8 weeks(?) 

2 - Zegna (Trofeo 11mm11) - 1 week

3 - Tom Ford - 1 week (+$500 more than Zegna)

This should be a no brainer, but just thut I asked before I pulled the trigger. I've been wearing Zegna for awhile and like "the look" that they have...basically, I know what I am getting from them. Tom Ford, I believe I may stick out like a sore thumb walking around in a TF suit in the Capitol Hill area. 

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What companies are similar to Carrol and Company in terms of quality?
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Any idea what gosling's white v/crew tee undershirt is? either the style or where I can find one?

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Originally Posted by BanzaiDanielsan View Post

Any idea what gosling's white v/crew tee undershirt is? either the style or where I can find one?


Looks like that is a simple white crew that he cut the collar off of and a slit down the middle. Kind of like here


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This seems like a n00b question, but there's a lot of conflicting size charts out there. I wear a 9.5D in Allen Edmonds Cliftons (8 Last) and I'm considering some a pair of Grenson Kingsleys (204 Last). My inclination would be toward 9 UK; what do you think?

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I think there's no substitute for trying them on.
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I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but here goes. I am going to buy a leather hooded bomber jacket, and I wanted to know if I should go with pitch black or dark chocolate brown. I am 6 foot 2 and fair skinned with dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes (no idea if that changes anything). Which colour should I go with? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by WSGII View Post

I am going to buy a leather hooded bomber jacket
I have nothing against bomber jackets. But hooded ones? Well, I guess it could be worse. You could be asking about an extra-slim, extra-short hooded bomber jacket, after all.
Which colour should I go with?
There's no substitute for trying them on and seeing for yourself which look you prefer. (And bomber jackets are sufficiently popular that you can almost certainly find a black one and a brown one to try on. Even if they're not identical to the one you're thinking of buying, they'll at least give you some idea.)

That having been said, I prefer brown leather to black, for myself. I'm a big guy, and that - perhaps combined with some factor(s) having to do with my facial features or coloration or whatever - can sometimes make me look somewhere between intimidating and thuggish in a black leather jacket. This is not a look to which I aspire. It's not a significant problem with brown leather, however.

Maybe this is a relevant consideration for you. Maybe it isn't. But I thought I'd mention it.

BTW, I bought an Orient Bambino wristwatch, about an hour ago. It's got a black dial. It doesn't make my over-sized wrists look thuggish.

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Ordered the Grensons in 9UK - they're on sale, btw. 138 USD shipped

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Thanks for the quick reply. I too see an intimidating look as something to avoid haha. I live in Virginia, but was up visiting family in DC, and found myself in a thrift shop esq store. They had a fairly impressive (and cheap compared to what I'd pay at a place like bloomingdales) array of leather jackets for men, and they have two leather hoodies like the ones I just mentioned. I love them both, but, as a college kid, have a budget. They look extremely similar to this Vince leather hoodie:,4,shop,men,menfeaturedstyles3

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My story is this:I bought this suit off ebay and because I wasnt very informed about the different styles in cut zegna uses, I found out that Fit Roma is a boxier more traditional cut, which is the opposite of what Im looking for, but taking into consideration that the suit is my size EU 48 Im thinking whether its worth taking it to a tailor and adjusting the chest from 21 to something smaller like 20 or 19 and also the waist.

Also , I would like your honest oppinion on whether or not I payed to much for a suit in this condition.


Thank you

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