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Originally Posted by rdstour View Post


To be honest, If you really want a good quality umbrella (and by that I define it as construction. strength, and durability, rather than wood handles etc)
I heavily recommend blunt Umbrellas. You can find them at many online places including bonobos, huckberry etc, and on windy days, it holds up well (whereas ppl around me deal with inverted unbrellas etc)

If you want something like London Undercover or the ones mentioned above (except those in DieWorkWear link-those are good options too), I think they're okay for rain/drizzle, but not for wind/rain/more severe conditions. They certainly look more stylish, but I'm skeptical about functionality.
When it comes to umbrellas, unfortunately utilitarian concerns tend to win over fashionable considerations

This is complete nonsense. Umbrellas from Fox or Swaine Adeney are extremely well made. I have an SAB, it is very sturdy and has never blown inside out - I imagine it would take hurricane force winds to make it do so. There has been much discussion on the forum of quality umbrellas. Try using "talarico" as a search term.
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Allen Edmonds in the sale.  Loake or Barker (try or, or if you can put up with a long wait, try

How long usually is the wait?
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That's the trouble with Meermin, there is no "usual".

The others are great, and very helpful in answering questions. If you're in the US, I would suggest Pediwear as they ship by EMS, which means USPS, which means you should get hit with fewer charges. It will take about five days. Herring ship all over by DHL or Fedex, anywhere on earth in about three days, but I hear those companies really bend you over in the US.
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I am located in the US. Pediwear looks great, they even got Crockett & Jones... Might as well up the budget now nod[1].gif
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Is it appropriate to buy/wear something like this on it's own (pants not available). It's an our legacy "blazer" according all retailers, but there are also matching pants available. I'd like to just wear it with jeans or more casual pants:


It's more of a SW&D style brand, and I'm about to buy it on sale for the fall. It's wool, constructed, slimmer fit, horn buttons, 3B rolling. Online, I've seen it mostly styled with the pants, though some have it without. However, it's always called a blazer and descriptions usually say the pants are optional. Just wondering if there are any defining characteristics that make it more of a suit jacket as opposed to a blazer. Thanks!

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If the jacket's available separately and you want to wear it that way, I don't see why not: the patch pockets and rougher texture make it look quite casual.  You might consider changing the buttons for something with more contrast - some kind of brown or tan.  Then it will look more casual still, and definitely not like part of a suit.

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By the way, if anyone finds any answer I give here at all helpful, I'd like to ask a small favour in return: click the link in my signature and give the price of a coffee to Cancer Research.  It is totally secure, properly registered, and will literally take about a minute.


Do it.  Pretty please?

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Allen Edmonds in the sale.  Loake or Barker (try or, or if you can put up with a long wait, try

How does Boake or Barker compare to Allen Edmonds in terms of construction and quality? They are in the same price range, but today I went to try out a few pairs of AEs and they felt very cheap. Nowhere near as good as the Magnannis I own.
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is linen pants with a wool linen blend SC acceptable?
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I only have one pair of AE shoes, and it's hard to tell because they're shark skin!  But from what I've seen, I'd say in simple construction terms, there's not much to choose between them.


Loake and Barker's Indian-made ranges are half the price of AE, but with that comes an occasional small finishing issue.  However, I'd say the overall value is probably better.  Especially when you go up to that $250-ish area, Barker's leather is pretty nice (always get the "calf", not the "polished" option - it's better quality for the same price, don't be fooled by the shine!), and I've had a couple of pairs of Loakes for 10-15 years that still look good.


To a point, you get what you pay for.  But the returns diminish once you get past a certain basic level, which this is.  The other thing I'd say about these makers over AE is that the lasts are better shapes.  AE's lasts always seem a bit flat to me - low in the instep and a bit shapeless over the toe.  But everyone's different.  I'd say take a chance on a cheap pair ($150-ish) of Indian-made Loake or Barker shoes.  Ask Pediwear some questions about sizing, and the worst you lose is a postage charge if they're not right.  But if they are, the same last shapes on the cheaper lines are used on the more expensive ones, and you'll have a great starting point for your future orders.


Here's a pair of Loakes I got for around that price - some of my cheapest shoes, but also among my favourites - in action today!  (I did change the laces - they are supplied with something  more subtle!).




Now give me my three bucks for cancer research.  Please?

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Originally Posted by Hype1234 View Post



And you too.  Please. :)

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post


And you too.  Please. :)

I'm not sure exactly what your deal is, but please don't give out advice simply for the purpose of collecting donations for your cause. I'm sad to say I will not be contributing.

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If you'd read this thread before, you'd know I try to answer questions pretty regularly.  But the Cancer Research thing is just this month.  And, of course, optional.  But it's a good cause, so I have to try.


If you'd like to know what my "deal is", just read the linked "Fathers' Day" thread ("What this is all about", below).  No offence intended.

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I didn't mean to offend you by any means with my wording, and I obviously knew there must have been a strong reason to be collecting donations for cancer research. However, it just seemed a little odd for you to individually call upon my to give a donation. I did read the second post after your response to mine, and I also saw the link in your signature.

However, thank you for the info on the jacket.

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Hehe, you're welcome, no harm done - come back and post a pic if you can; would be nice to see how it turns out.

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