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Originally Posted by NotCreative View Post

Is $400 a good price for a pair of Canali monks?

It depends; is it the blake or goodyear welted model? What type of sole?
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Originally Posted by AZsundevil View Post

"Some guy I know" spilled chocolate ice cream on his poplin gingham shirt today. "That guy" tried spraying Shout onto the stain and then running it through the wash, but the stain is still subtly there (or so "that guy" tells me).


How to remove? shog[1].gif

Tell that guy- do not dry the shirt until the stain is out or it will set.  Oxyclean spray or powder and spot treat, let sit for a bit then rub fabric together to clean and rinse.  Run it through the wash again and check it.  Or- take it to a local cleaner (not someone who just sends it off to a central location) and tell them what a slob your friend is and ask if they can get it out for you. 

That's what I do for my stains- which I make a lot of. 

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I am looking for a carrier bag / briefcase (needs strap) in a dark green leather.

What are some good options and roughly how much do I have to spend to get some decent quality?


Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by Mr Engineer View Post

How do you measure suit lapels? Is it across the widest point? A picture would be very useful.

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I've seen a pair of Loake Chukkas in TKmaxx for 89$

BUT they are tad o small (slightly too narrow, slightly too low), 

how much a boot like that can stretch? Is it worth taking chance or should I pass?

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What color/pattern would this be considered?

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W: don't do it.  It is a good price, but don't by shoes that don't fit.  It's someone else's lucky day, and they're not that expensive anyway.


P: I'd call that a very small gunclub check.

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:/ thanks for the advice, I've been through some foot ache lately and perhaps you're right...

damn it, is me or buying good shoes is super hard

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The problem I have, and maybe you too it seems, is finding sufficient variety locally to try on.  There's no substitute for wearing stuff.  But once you know some lasts that fit you well from particular makers, you're set for a good choice by mail order.  As it is, dealing with good vendors is worthwhile because you can ask questions, return stuff and work together to find things that are right for you.  It's worth the initial effort.  


I've found and very good to deal with, and their websites make it very easy to search in your size (and for sale items in your size!).  Affiliate vendors here like Bespoke England, Skoaktiebolaget and The Armoury have a really good reputation on the forum for service.  What they all have in common is small, self-run businesses that have to invest in happy customers by giving some time and effort.  If you're buying from Yoox or wherever, you might occasionally get a bargain, but mostly not, and prepare for frustration (and dishonest "tax charges" by the way!).


(But what size and last are those boots?  You can pick them up for me if they're a 9.5 on the 026 or similar...!)

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They were 8 and I'm 8,5-9, mostly 9 since most shoes are not wide enough at smaller size I'll check them out thanks, problem is that I don't have that much money to spare atm and the availability of goodyear welted shoes in Poland is very small.
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I understand.  Indian made Loakes start at about $150, and I have one pair myself that I like very much.  Pediwear has a good selection, and often throw in extras like free trees or a tie.  Herring have some too, and also some of their own lines that are made by Loake's Indian factory for the same price.

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Just took two sport coats to the tailor to get some waist supression. The tailor marked chalk on the "rear/side" seams, that run along the sides of the back that run up from the double vents. \


Is that right? Or should I call them and tel them to change it? I thought waist supression was supposed to be taken in on the sides, not the rear/side area.. (Middle picture, that seam).


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Wondering how many seams your jackets have...

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In suit pants, they put a piece of tape in the pockets.  It's like burlap or like the material the bags that onions come in the grocery store are made of.  Does anyone know what this is for?  

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I don't remember, asked the KW crew (since it's a KW sport coat). I also posted some pics in the tailor fit/feedback.. here they are for this thread too. You probably still need to know how many seams.

This is my jacket. Asked for .5" but he marked more like 1.25"


This is another dudes jacket, just marked it to show the seams he marked.

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