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The word is "haberdashery".  Go to a large department store.  Follow the signs/strange scent of lavender and urine until you get there.  When you do you'll find a Mary Poppins wishlist of ribbons and wool and thread and things...and...buttons.  At which point you will realise you're surrounded by curious women of a certain age, eyeing you suspiciously and wondering if you're lost or a potential murderer or both.  Identify one with a corporate badge on her cardigan (preferably matching the brand of the store you're in), and beg for help.

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Originally Posted by atoms View Post

Looking for sources to purchase replacement buttons (not gold) to tone down a navy blazer that came with black buttons. I've never bought different buttons before. I'm in the US.


Try looking here for ideas:



or here:



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Those suggestions are very helpful, but not that funny.


Wait, is that what this thread is for?

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Sorry- not much funny about buttons! 

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Depends which ones you press. :)

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Received a couple ties in the mail - somewhat wrinkled  - is there a way to fix this, or should I try to return? Thanks!


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OK, this one has to be a joke ^^^!!!!!


(Ask yourself "how do I normally remove wrinkles from my clothes?"  I expect the answer is "return them to the point of purchase".  Probably.)

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Go ahead and give the real Mimo answer- something about how it should be lit aflame because that would simultaneously remove the wrinkles and keep me from having to look at it ever again. 




Take a normal white t-shirt and lay it over the tie- lightly run a medium hot iron over it in quick strokes so you don't scorch the fabric.  If that doesn't work surge with a little steam and repeat.  Take your time and don't let it get too hot or you'll ruin it. 

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^ I'll let Mimo have the glory on this one (unless he's already put Michael on ignore). At least he's graduated to the use of spoilers
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Go to a large department store, and beg for help.

Got it :)

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I posted this in the Streetwear and Denim section, thought I would post here as well in case someone can help.  Thanks for reading!




I have a cream colored Diesel leather moto jacket that I tried to condition myself recently, with less than stellar results.  The leather darkened considerably and the finish, which used to be 100% even across the jacket, is no longer consistent.  The jacket looks ok, in a weathered kind of way, but I much preferred the look of the cream color, which was unique.


I am looking around for a good, recommended leather cleaning service that may be able to to clean/recondition this leather jacket.  I understand it may not be possible to get it 100% back to where it was, but I'm hopeful that a professional service who has dealt with this kind of thing before can get close.  Also, since it was natural/cream color, bleaching it shouldn't be a problem.


Any recommendations out there?  Online/mail order is fine, but if there happens to be one in Northern VA, that would be great.  


I found these through google, it would also be great to know if anyone here can recommend any of these guys due to positive past experience.


DC Area:







Online/mail order:



Any other recommendations or endorsements are welcome.


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Hi, guys. 


I just bought a sportscoat from Suit Supply, but I am not sure if it is going to fit or not.

However I am going to need a blazer for next week, and unfortunately I don't have many blazers in my wardrobe.

Is it bad to use a suit jacket as a blazer? I am going to use this grey suit jacket as a plan B, what's your thoughts about it?

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Originally Posted by Dingusberry View Post

Is it bad to use a suit jacket as a blazer?
More often than not, I find it to be a less than ideal decision. But in the specific case of the suit whose picture you provided, I actually think it'd be okay.

It's when someone asks about wearing the top half of, say, his charcoal pinstripe suit as a jacket, that I'm likely to be hard pressed to keep from typing my response with the Caps Lock key engaged.
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Anyone know the rise on a Brooks Brothers Madison trouser size 34 waist?
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