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There is nothing wrong with AE; they have a couple of attractive lasts and are frequently on discount like you said.  Meermin wouldn't be my first recommendation because of the service and delivery issues, but there are other options: I'd recommend Loake for an English style at an affordable price: their Indian-made L1 range are on the same lasts as the more expensive ones and use the same uppers and soles, and are sub$200 at full price.  


Check out www.pediwear.co.uk, for three reasons: 1. they have a good range of the above, and others. 2. their customer service is great, as is their website that is easy to search by size, brand, type etc.  And 3. they use EMS for postage, meaning if you're in the US you will receive your shoes via USPS, avoiding extra processing fees and possibly avoiding customs duties altogether.


Regarding ties, I did answer you that thetiebar.com is really not bad at all, in that as long as you choose a tasteful pattern, $15-20 is the going rate and the service and selection are good.  I have a couple I wear regularly - the knitted ones are very fashionable these days; I also have one more muted grenadine that's perfectly smart.


Oops....just used my brain and seen you're in Singapore.  Sorry.  In which case try out www.herringshoes.co.uk too - regular sales, nice selection and again brilliant service: they use DHL or Fedex.

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Define well-priced.
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

2 questions from a fresh grad.

- So I got my suit, and a few BB ESFs. I realized I lack a good rotation of plain shirts though. Looking @ Tyrwhitt since they are most available to me.
Judging from search results, the opinion is divided, but is their quality & extra slim fit decent enough? My other option is to go local MTM (Singapore), but the quality seems sub-par (polycotton wtf) unless I'm willing to double my budget

- Is there a source of well-priced ties to start my tie wardrobe? All I have is one 2.5" navy repp and a 2.5" cotton knit grenadine from Muji. I did go through thetiebar but heard differing reviews on their items.

Cotton shirts are the way to go.  Synthetics like polycotton should be avoided if possible, especially if for dress work shirts.  My guess is if you are in Singapore you can probably get a reasonably priced MTM cotton shirt for under 70 USD if you really look around.  That will definitely be less than an off the rack high quality brand name dress shirt.  Polycotton shirts are fine for going out, but ideally for work, you want to stick with cotton shirts.  If you can, your better off going for Poplin or Broadcloth shirts, as these are higher quality fabrics, whereas an Oxford fabric is more for casualwear, or might go well with a jacket that is more textured like a tweed jacket. 


I am not going to endorse specific brands here, but generally, you want to look for ties with woolen interlining if you are looking for high quality, well constructed ties.  You should be able to find stuff in the 40-50 USD range from some boutique brands out there.  The widths you have mentioned are skinny ties, whereas for work you want something along the lines of 3.25 to 3.5 inches.  3.25 inches seems to be the current trend.  Also, if you are over 6'2, you are better off getting an extra-length tie which most e-commerce retailers should give you the option of buying.  Standard length ties for guys under 6'2 inches are usually around 58 inches longer, and for those over the designated height, ties of 63 inches in length should be available.  Remember, you always want your necktie to be able to hit your beltline, and so adequate length is needed, especially if you start experimenting with more intricate knots such as a Full Windsor which take up more fabric when tying the knot. 


On my blog, I have several articles pertaining to mixing and matching colors, as you don't want to be buying ties that you later realize don't necessarily compliment whats in your existing wardrobe!  These articles can be found at http://suitupdressup.wordpress.com/category/color-theory/


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Where can someone buy calfskin online?
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Originally Posted by hennree View Post

Just got a new suit (my first 'proper' suit) and I don't feel it hugs me as i'd like it to, especially at the shoulders. If the shoulders are too wide, is that easily fixed? Will it be costly?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a suit for a £300 budget that would fit a skinny guy with narrow shoulders? The suit I've just received is a size 34 from SuitSupply.


Shoulders are difficult to alter. The tailor would have to open the back seam, take off the collar, shorten the collar, take in the suit at the back seam, re-attach the collar, and a bunch of other crap.

My best advice to you, without any offense meant at all, is to sign up for the gym. In 6 months you'll be a size 36 and everything will fit you better. And you'll feel great. No one likes a bone-skinny dude even if he's dressed perfectly.
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My graduation is coming up very soon and this will be one of the few times I can wear a tie casually. I want to get something playful but not obnoxious. Any ideas?


I thought camo might be a good idea, problem is I dont know if it's the best to match with charcoal pants and black shoes:






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I want to pick one of those shoes for going picnic with dark blue, dark green jeans, beige khaki trousers or blue cargo trousers. I'm biassed to the red, but I'm not sure whether it matches those color of pants.

Can you please help me?


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Thank you for any advice.





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With the dark green or beige I'd go with blue.  For the blue, maybe red.  But the blue ones will be most versatile for you.  They're not that nice though...get some nicer ones, in tan. :)

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Originally Posted by kushburner View Post




Don't be ridiculous.  You'll be looking at this picture for the rest of your life, so don't be a tool.


It's your graduation.  By all means wear something cheerful, but "playful" will just make you look like a douche.  Dress beautifully, it's the beginning of the rest of your life.  This is the "Classic Menswear" forum, dude, go look at the "What are you wearing right now?" thread for some ideas on how gentlemen of style actually dress (and ignore anyone in jeans, cargo pants, or no socks  as part of their "classic" ensemble - we're back to douche land).  There are some really well-dressed people over there, some of them just out of college like you.  You don't have to try to be "fun" by wearing a stupid tie.  If you're fun, it's in your personality.  But if you're dressed like a dick, your personality might well be overlooked.

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Originally Posted by kushburner View Post

My graduation is coming up very soon and this will be one of the few times I can wear a tie casually.

Do not let yourself fall into the habit of thinking that you have no opportunities to wear a tie - casually or otherwise. If you want to wear one, you can almost always find opportunities to wear one.
I want to get something playful but not obnoxious.
The two camo-type ties you mention strike me as being... well, pretty awful.

Playful is fine. But playful is best when subtle or whimsically light hearted or humorous. These ties are nothing of the sort; they're simply unappealing.

Doubtless, someone will tell you that those ties could look good, and you should wear one of them. Because no matter how terrible the idea, someone on SF will invariably suggest that it could look good.

I don't really go for playful ties in general, but I do own a few, and wear them on occasion. Not long ago, I thought about picking up this hippo tie, for instance. http://tinyurl.com/csov7ru

I would add that mimo makes a good point. I suspect that the majority of people who choose to wear something extremely playful for graduation photos, wedding photos, etc., regret their choice when looking at the photos a decade or three down the road. I'd probably suggest you go no more playful than a cotton madras tie, or a silk knit tie.
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I just bought this Harris Tweed jacket on eBay, and I have two questions:

1. Are the lapels too wide? Sellers say they're 3" 5/8 at the widest point and this width is in style right now (of course.) I haven't received the item yet but I intend to have a tailor slim down the lapels. Would it be a good idea?

2. The inside label says Hartford Clothes for I. Rosen Memphis. Google turned up nothing. Does anybody have any idea about this maker or the origin of the jacket?






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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

AE is my current go-to brand b/c

- they are crazy affordable on sale (under $200 per pair) and imo super value-for-$$$
- they might look like shit next to a C&J but they look better than 95% of what others are wearing. My black park avenues are still my go-to shoes for any important functions/events after 3 years of use.

Maybe meermin might come close, although i'm not in the market for new shoes right now. My next might be shoes from a local cobbler: http://edetal.sg/?post_type=product

Prices in SGD, so im guessing USD 250 or so with shippng.

also can anyone answer my previous q?

For affordable ties, Lands' End (with discount) are good.
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Originally Posted by xxxamazexxx View Post

1. Are the lapels too wide?
No. Maybe they're wider than the current fashion for extremely narrow lapels, but they're certainly not ridiculously wide by classic menswear standards.
I intend to have a tailor slim down the lapels. Would it be a good idea?
I wouldn't do it. I'd leave them as they are.

If for some reason I wanted narrow lapels, I'd have probably just purchased a narrow lapelled tweed jacket in the first place. That's usually cheaper and easier and yields better results than buying something else, and having it re-done to suit me. After all, it's not like tweed jackets are all that difficult to find, that one need settle.

2. The inside label says Hartford Clothes for I. Rosen Memphis. Google turned up nothing.

I googled I. Rosen Memphis, and the very first result was a link to a story from 2007, about I. Rosen going out of business after 97 years. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2007/nov/20/ending-a-97-year-tradition/

As for Hartford Clothes, the name doesn't ring a bell for me, but obviously they made the jacket in question. for sale by I. Rosen. If you search for something like "hartford clothes" "mens clothing" I suppose you'll come up with at least a few relevant results. What, exactly, do you want to know about them?
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Can someone give me an idea how big the boxes are in which online MTM suits are delivered? I already know for Indochino, so maybe for some other one.


I am asking because I can't have too large a box shipped to me.



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Hey guys, just picked this up from an op store was wondering if you guys could help identify what collection it's from and maybe make out what the faded label means in terms of sizing. It's more navy than the pictures suggest.







Cheers for your help guys

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