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Originally Posted by Returnal View Post

Ok, thanks. Would this be an improvement?

If your shirt was colored, you could go with a pastel colored tie to take some of the attention away from the jacket / shirt.  But because your jacket is a 'power' color and your shirt is white, I would go with a navy blue or a burgundy solid tie or with a subtle stripe so as to complement the 'power' nature of the jacket. 

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Originally Posted by eqcitizen View Post

You arent going to get much love on this forum asking for advice on a black suit. Most would say "burn it and the vest too". As many here will tell you a black suit should be relegated to funerals and not much else. With that disclaimer let us continue on to the question. As a generaliztion one should not mix suits, especially when the colors are extremely close. I can think of a few exceptions but this one doesnt make the list. I am sorry but it just doesnt work. Use the vest under a sport coat that is a different color or, if you want to look like a hipster, wear it with no jacket.

Thanks for the advice. What type of sport coats do you think would work with a black vest under it? Maybe a tan or grey? And what if I wore a matching light grey pants and jacket, with the black vest? Would that work?

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Useful advice, many thanks. I have a light blue shirt and a light/pastel brown tie. Maybe i'll go with that combination.
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Which sorts of interfacing are used for bow ties?

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Hello, don't know if this is the right place for this newbie question, if not - my apologies.

I'm trying to know what type of fabric this suit is made of? and color would be described as mid-grey i guess?

I really like both the fabric and the color and would like to know what it is and where I could find something similar. Thanks in advance a lot for your help!


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Originally Posted by dragulievic View Post

but this is the biggest company here in the country, I wouldn´t have thought that they will return my blazer in such condition...
Curiosity compels me to ask, which country is this, where a dry cleaner is the nation's largest employer?

I'm not looking to make fun of your country, mind you. It just seems like such a bizarre situation...

Of course, I suppose it could be a situation like what we'd have in the US, were Walmart (the largest non-government employer in the US) to start offering dry cleaning. (I *think* the largest US employer is technically the Department of Defense. Anyone know if they run a dry cleaning service? No, I'm not joking. I could imagine some DoD dry cleaning business which would be found at isolated military bases, at the Pentagon, etc.)

Anyway, there's often no real correlation between a company's size, and the quality of the job it does.
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I tried my hand at thrift shopping this weekend. To prepare, I took with me a list of suit brands that are apparently worthwhile. Today, I found this Pal Zileri Gruppo Forall. I thought this might be a good place to find out if this is actually a decent find or if I wasted my money. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  • Despite the pictures, the suit is actually a dark blue.
  • There don't seem to be any indications of size.






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Hi All,

Can i get your critique on this navy blazer i purchased when in japan last year - i havent been able to wear due to warm weather. i know its not your "traditional" sports blazer, but i love the soft shoulders and slim look of it.

I dont normally wear blazers and just want to get a quick sanity check from you experienced SFers.

thanks !
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The jacket looks a good three inches too short...
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Originally Posted by ykurtz View Post

The jacket looks a good three inches too short...

you are spot on, measured my other suit jackets and they are 2-3 inches longer. It was a rushed purchase and i have my self to blame, oh well i think ill be putting this on marketplace shortly.
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Hi, I'm trying to identify the fabric of this beautiful suit. 

Can anyone help me either identify it or the best way to describe this type of fabric/suit?

Colorwise - is this what one calls "Oxford grey"? 

Probably newbie questions, but trying to educate myself ;)


Hoping this is the right place for this question..

Thanks in advance :)



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Is herringbone an exclusively tweed pattern? I'm looking for a grey herringbone odd jacket but it seems like they're all tweed. Alternatively, what would be a good, versatile, pattern that's predominantly grey?

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You can find herringbone cloths other than tweed but you run the risk of the pattern appearing self-striped which would be a dealbreaker for me.
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I'm here to ask a question that can be stated in one word, a word full of contextual meaning.  Please associate it with the following picture and ask the question yourself.




This... thing... is a cotton-linen blend.  Meaning it's for use in the summer.

The price?  $2352.00.

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hey there, where can i find a comprehensive list of what determines the quality of a shoe? (specifically high-end shoes)

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