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Originally Posted by pikachoo View Post

need an ID on these shoes.. any ideas?

Pretty sure those are Rose & Burn's from their Spring 2012 colleciton. You can catch a glimpse of them here: at 1:25 in the video.

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Originally Posted by azima View Post

Hey guys - not sure if this is the right place to ask, but where is this Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners thread that's raved about. I can't find it here, and the links that are all over the web, can't link to it because apparently it's no longer available? is there an archived thread or something? 


That thread was removed permanently.
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Getting a cheap MTM done.  First/only suit - only gonna wear it 3-4x a year and I'll probably outgrow it within 2 years.  Or less.  Used primarily for social occasions + possible business interviews.


Color of choice is dark navy.  Solid or subtle herringbone?


 I kind of like the herringbone, most people say go solid for your first suit though.  Would be paired with dark brown/oxblood captoe medallions and plain white/light blue shirts and 1-2 different non-flashy basic (grenadine, knit, etc) ties - probably in various shades of blue.

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Hi guys!


First post here, combined with bad English, so please have patient with me :-)


I have tried dozens of suits but none fits my narrow shoulders accept of Caruso suits.

But there is only one shop in my city that sells this brand and the price is around 1200 euro.


When i look there are many Caruso suits for great prizes. The suit i tried was a 48R, 8 drop with an Italian shoulder.


Is 8 in drop a standard drop?, can i count that all Caruso's at yoox has 8 in drop?

Is Italian shoulder valid for all this yoox-Caruso's? I cant figure this out without written information.

Isnt suits timeless? Shouldnt the suits at yoox be "a steal" compared to the price at my local shop?

Is the color on the suits at yoox trustworthy? i.e., is the grey shown on the screen the same in reality (or brighter/darker)?


Is it any other brand in this pricerange that offers light/none-padded shoulders? I have a cc-corneliani suits whit slightly padded shoulders. This one is OK but its a huge difference/feel of quality between Carusos fitting vs cc. 

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I would say solid because herringbone will only work in the fall and winter. As it will be your only suit solid would be more versatile.
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Awesome, thanks - forgot about that.  


I'm thinking about possibly switching over to a mid-grey color suit but I feel that would be nicer in a wooly flannel type material (again, season-limited).  Probably just gonna end up sticking to Navy, just gotta avoid being overly matchy matchy with the ties....

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If you don't have the ties yet may I ask why you want to stick with blues mostly? I personally like something like burgundy better with a navy suit.
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RP from another thread, in which perhaps this was incorrectly submitted. Recently acquired a BB Fitzgerald suit - the shoulders in a 40S fit well in terms of the width of the shoulders themselves, but the sleeves both had an indentation roughly in the area of the upper tricep / rear deltoid where my arm just didn't fill the sleeve - i.e. the actual width of the shoulders themselves was fine, but the sleeve itself seemed a bit loose, right at the top in the rear area only.


The tailor at the store said the only way to fix it would be to widen the shoulders themselves so as to drape the material straight down and avoid the dimple, which I thought would just look worse. He said this indentation was typical and not really avoidable. Might anyone be able to tell me if this is fixable (or if its not a big deal?)? I've done my best to demonstrate on another picture (from me from the tailor thread on a pre-alteration jacket). The fit is not-at-all similar, I merely used the picture as a means of demonstrating the location of the issue, which is about the same size as the drawn-on oval, and a slightly indented area which my posterior upper arm just doesn't fill out. Thank you.







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Help IDing my thrift find: Brooks Brothers overcoat


Main details:

  • 100% wool, Lining is 100% Acetate
  • Made in Canada
  • Single breasted, Buttons hidden under placket
  • Fine herringbone (or maybe just the twill weave) in what seems like a Charcoal color
  • Flap pockets on outside, Huge (and I mean MASSIVE) patch pocket inside at about hip level
  • Felt lining under collar
  • Single vented


I see it is a possible match to the "Mason" and "Vernon" top coats on the Brooks Brothers website, but lacking the locker loop on the Chesterfield. Does Acetate = Bemberg? I [obviously] don't have experience with outerwear or these materials!


If anyone is willing to share any knowledge about age, value, etc, I would be very appriceative. Please tell me if I missed some useful details or pictures. Also if I am not posting in the most ideal forum or you have any pointers on a good place to go (AA trad?), please let me know as well!


Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


6'4" for reference

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Not really fixable and not really avoidable in RTW. IMO, not a big deal.
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Is the Alden Shell PTB for Brooks Brothers on a Barrie last?
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Hi guys,

Just received this navy knit tie I recently purchased from The Knottery.

As you can see in the photo, the back stitching (highlighted in white) completely deviates from the centreline.

I know it's not an expensive tie, but is this normal?



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Thank you for your reply KObalto.

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2942: I would say this is not normal. In purchasing inexpensive knit ties from Century 21 and from, neither had the issue with stitching. It is likely to be returnable, though if it is not visible on the front and the knot ties reasonably, not sure it is worth the trouble. It would certainly bother me as well though.

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Tailoring blunder:





Any ideas for fixes?

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