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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

How many shoes do you have in rotation?

I work in a business casual tech start-up environment and wear 2 shoes in my rotation, a pair of 
mocs and a pair of Eastland leather shoes. I'm wondering I shoes get another pair to add to the rotatioin.

I keep twenty pairs in rotation per season. (some shoes only winter, some only summer, some both).

Why not look for a pair of cordovan wingtips derbies - from Alden or Carmina. They will last for MANY years and work perfectly in a casual environment. They are not cheap - but you'll never be able to wear them out.
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Longtime reader, first time poster. I am excited to become part of the forum that has taught me so much. 


I need help on deciding on a tie (or bow tie) and pocket square combo to wear with a grey suit and a purple gingham shirt. I don't have the shirt yet but the suit is similar color/texture to the one below (maybe a little darker) and I included a pic of the shirt I'll probably buy unless convinced otherwise. I'd also be interested to hear shoe/sock suggestions.





I want the combo to really pop but not be too over the top... whatever that means. Looking forward to the responses.




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I just noticed a very small ink stain on one of my dress shirts. It's Charles Tyr. shirt. I work as a statistician and often write on a large board some equations and will run through smaller calculations on there, so this was bound to happen. I was wonder if anyone had suggestions for getting a stain out. It must have occurred last week and has probably been there for a week, but I just noticed it today when I went to wash the shirt.

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Originally Posted by bnovc View Post

Brooks Brothers doesn't seem to have anything close to fitting me, and it costs $1k. This suit seems to be the closest fit/size wise, but the minimum size is 7 too large.
BB ordinarily offers smaller sizes than that, I assume they're sold out right now after a sale. You can find decent BB stuff for around $700 IIRC during sales.

Another option, Last Call frequently has Hickey Freeman staple color suits for ~$350. They're very nice for the money, and usually plenty of sizes available online.

I would not do online MTM (eg ModernTailor) when you're not highly experienced with suit buying. The odds of getting something unacceptable are way too high.
Should I be a 36L?

I think perhaps the reason I cannot find any suits that fit me in person is because I should be a 36L. 38s always seem too large, despite a lot of salespeople telling me they aren't (the suit hits the wall before my shoulder [a test that I read on this site]).

These are the measurements that I've put into ModernTailor to try a shirt (haven't gotten it yet to see if it fits): Neck 15; Chest 36; Waist 33; Hips 41; Shoulder 16.75; Sleeves 25.5 (I wouldn't be surprised if this is too short); Armhole 21; Wrists 7
Rather impossible for anyone to tell. Go try stuff on at a store, even if you may not end up buying.

Wouldn't make sense for you to be deciding between a 36L and 38S, the L would be dramatically longer and wouldn't make sense. You'd be deciding between a 38S and a 36S, or maybe a 36R.
I feel like I should just give up trying to buy/wear any suits/blazers given the extremely high difficulty in getting anything that looks reasonable.

It's not so bad, and remember people here have extremely high standards. Get something that's pretty good, find a decent tailor and work with them, and learn.
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Some Amodex Ink & Stain Remover might do the trick. A bottle cost me about $6 at last summer's DC Fountain Pen Supershow, and I know it's available from a fair number of both b&m and online sources. While I've only used it on fountain pen ink stains (it worked well), I understand it's also effective on other types of ink - ball point, gel pen, Sharpie pen, etc.
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Well, I'm 21 and I don't think wearing some torn up Wrangler jeans and a Humble Pie T shirt I bought 3 years ago is going to cut it everywhere anymore. I'd like to keep a kind of hippyish edge to it, but I want to kind of spruce it up you know?
Any ideas of where I should look? I saw one ad in the GQ with Jennifer Aniston on it with an ad (I think it was for a company called Erpo or something like that), but what it had on its website was nothing like what it had in its ad. It was a bit too extreme hippy for me anyway.
This is more or less what I'm looking for:
Can't do the hair because I'm thinning out on top, but c'est la vie (besides I have yet to hear a complaint about my other genetic features ;D).  I also want to throw some western stuff in there too (think snap front shirts and maybe cowboy boots).
Lastly, I'd like to keep this on the inexpensive side, I only have a part time, minimum wage job. Beats the alternative, but still puts a leash on my endeavours.
Any idea on brands or stores I should look at?
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Are there any inspiration threads in this forum? 

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Originally Posted by musicguy View Post

Yeah, good help in men's clothing stores is hard to come by in most places. Last time I went to a Brooks Brothers nearby me they tried to get me into a 44. I'm definitley no larger than a 40. I was actually really annoyed that the worker there tried to get me to try it on. What an idiot.
Anyway, it sounds like the problem seems to be what you said; that you have a big chest. However, the main question I have is how do the suits fit in the shoulders? Does the shoulder pad just out over your natural shoulder blade in the 42? If so, it's going to be a poor fit, even with alterations. If the 42 fits the shoulders and chest well, you can fix up the back, no problem. 5'9" 185 sounds like at least a 42 to me. I'm 165lb at 6'2" and a slim 40.
I know nothing of Hickey Freeman suits, so I can't suggest a different model. Perhaps next time you go in, take a pic and post here with the two different jackets. Another idea would be to try a different brand/model suit. You don't want your chest to look like you're bursting out of the jacket, but, provided that the other dimensions work well, it's infinitely worse to be swimming in a terrible fitting suit, imo.


Thanks.  I went to a different store and tried some stuff on.  The 40R were definitely too small.  I bought 2 42Rs.  I went home and tried them on... one had the pants too small.  A 40R managed to sneak its way in!  It must have fit well because it made it in the top 2 among other 42s and went unnoticed by me, my wife, and the store associate.


ANYWAYS, it provided me with the lucky opportunity to take some pictures for a comparison.  What is everybody's thoughts?  This 40R runs a bit big because it fits much better than some others I've tried on (maybe more slim cuts).  42R seems too big by comparison, but maybe it can be tailored to fit better?  Definitely long in the sleeves.  Both acceptable with some tailoring?


40 1.JPG42 1.JPG

40 2.JPG42 2.JPG

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I realize that ASOS doesn't get much love on this board, but I decided to check them out a few hours ago. It's the first time I've purchased anything from them and I 

got the following trouser.


I'm just not sure about the sizing and cut of these pants. They don't look 'slim' on the model, but are they really big. 


Anyone have any experience with these trousers?

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Originally Posted by Dingusberry View Post

Are there any inspiration threads in this forum? 

Hall of fame threads at the top, and the in praise of threads. Search around. They're heereeeee....
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One More question = 


Does anyone have experience w/ Perry Ellis slim fit dress shirts? are they slim? Are they slim relative to BB extra slim fit?



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Hey Thearond,


Regarding your query about potential ties to match with your suit / shirt combination, there are primarily two important factors that you will need to take into consideration (1) The design of the tie and (2) The colors.


Regarding design, given that the shirt is checkered in nature and that the suit is a solid, it is best to go with either a solid tie or a contrasting pattern - which in this case would be a tie with widely spaced stripes.  Narrow stripes would not complement a shirt with a small checkered pattern as the purpose with putting together a well coordinated suit / shirt / tie combination is to create elements of contrast that are visually appealing to the naked eye. 


Regarding color, it all depends on what you want to go for.  If you are going for something a little understated, you can go for a lighter shade of purple which would complement your shirt and match the color of the suit.  For something a little more bold, you could go with a green or lime green to complement a purple.  For a perfect complement that is bold and striking go for a yellow.  Regarding the first two options, I would most liekly go with a solid tie.  If you are going for the bolder option, you can go for a yellow solid, but what could also work is a tie that has spaced out yellow stripes as the dominant color, with maybe a hint of purple as a fainted line stripe.  That way you get the complementary color as the dominating color in the accessory and the main color on the shirt being the background color of the tie. 


Regarding socks and shoes, generally, if your socks match the color of your belt, as is the case with your shoes also, you should be fine.  Given that you are already going for a potentially bold, statement look, I would go with a black belt, grey socks and black shoes.  If you choose to have a little color on the socks, it would be best that they match something in the clothing, but to contrast the boldness of the suit / shirt combination, I would keep the socks and shoes a little less bold, so that the overall look is more flattering versus a smogasboard of colors. 

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How would someone figure out what shoe last fits them the best. Does last different from manufacturer to manufacturer? shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Pieceofsand View Post

How would someone figure out what shoe last fits them the best. Does last different from manufacturer to manufacturer? shog[1].gif

Manufacterers have many different lasts. The only way to know for sure is try on different shoes made with different lasts and see what fits the best.
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I would like to buy a pocket square. I'm not sure how much money I should spend on it. How much does the quality differ from brands selling a white pocket square?


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