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(Fabienne @ Jan. 28 2005,04:36) You decanted such a young wine?
I think the Neal is reputed to be pretty closed and tannic upon opening, and it needs some good breathing time. Guessing...
Breathing, yes, I agree. Decanting, at least in French, means something different. We would never use that term, we would say "carafer" (literally "transfering into a carafe). The usual problem with that is that, too often (and I'm guilty of that), the wine is left at room temperature for too long, and served at too high a temperature. When you consider most homes are heated at 20-25 degrees celsius, and most red wines need to be served around 15 degrees celsius, you see the problem.
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Right, typically you pour it into a decanter (not to remove sediment, but just to let the wine breathe) that's at 57 degrees, for some time, I have a spot in my Eurocave just for doing that. The Neal Cabernet can be decanted for 36 hours or more and just keeps getting better. Their Zinfandel doesn't stand up so well, after 24 hours the fruit was gone
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This last summer I tried Sineann Merlot (Oregon, ~$30/bottle) at a party. I absolutely loved it. Anybody else try this one?
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I've had some Sineanns, including the merlot (don't recall if it was 2001 or 2002). I love the zin too. Unfortunately, there is no distributor in the DC area that carries the wine so it isn't available here through the usual channels.
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kabert, Have you tried the 2001 (or 2000) Don Melchor? I'd recommend you pick some up, this stuff is great. Kind of a mix between a great cal cab and a great Bdx... For $33/btl you can't really go wrong at all IMO. Clos Apalta (either 2001 or 2002) is awesome also. These are the two best Chilean wines IMO.
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...don't recall if it was 2001 or 2002...
The one I had was the 2002 vintage.
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I recently picked up some 2001 Bruno Clair single vineyard burgundy for $10/btl from WinEX, apparently you can find some of this stuff at other places for about $10 (marked down from $30) it might be worth a look.
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Today's TN: 2002 Hitching Post Highliner Pinot Noir (Santa Maria, Central Coast) $34 The 2001 version of this wine was immortalized in Sideways, but many people have said that the 2002 and upcoming 2003 vintages are even better, and tonight I cracked open a bottle of the 2002 to see if it lived up to the hype. I enjoyed this wine with Italian food, lasagna, roast chicken, caesar salad, and garlic bread. We served the wine without decanting, about 20 minutes after taking it out of the wine fridge at 55F. This was probably a mistake, as I think it could use about 30 minutes of air time to properly integrate. The nose was beautiful, with lots of fruit, cherries, raspberries, and black currant. Initially there was a little bit of heat, but after a little time to warm up in the glass, it was beautifully integrated. A bit thicker than I'm used to from Pinot, this was certainly a big one at about 14.5% alcohol, but you didn't notice the alcohol at all once the wine was integrated. it was silky smooth without obscuring much of the fruit. In my opinion this is a great pinot, approaching world class status, and I think it could get better with a year in the cellar. 94 points This was so good I just ordered another half a case from 2020wines... unfortunately $40/btl but worth it.
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