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How do you guys store your ties?

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I usually place them on a flat shelf rolled up. They gather dust though. Has anyone used other means, for example on a hanger with brass pegs etc? Please share your experience. Thanks.
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I use Woodlore hanger racks w/the brass pegs... Seems to work OK for me.
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I have two dresser drawers designated for ties. (wish I could hang them, but lack closet space).
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I am using tie hangers that allows me to fit in about 10 ties on each side. It allows me to easily slot the ties in and out when putting it against my dress shirts and suits.
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I have this nifty little electronic tie rack from Sharper Image - takes up very little space in my closet
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In my closet I have a tie rack. Comes standard.
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In a drawer, rolled, lying horizontally.
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Tie rack that hangs on the back (inside) of the closet door.
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I use my ties as a colorful wall decoration. I have white "ledges" on the wall between my bureau and my closet. I keep the ties rolled on the ledges. The ledges are varying lengths, with a 12" ledge at eye level with 18", 24" and 30" ledges underneath down to around 1 foot from the floor. It makes nice pyramid shape. The ties are very colorful and are a real conversation piece. Plus it lets me see all my ties much better than hanging them in the closet. Its really quite pretty and a real pleasure to look at. If you want a unique, colorful and fun way to dress up your bedroom and also a better way to peruse your tie collection I highly recommend it. The ledges are available at Kohls that I know of. There are made by Barnes of Boston(?). Sample of a ledge below.
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