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Those, for some unconscious and inexplicable reason, remind me of Charlie Chaplin's suit, or some old gross suit that someone in the Depression era would still be wearing, even though he had outgrown it years ago, made of cheap wool and tattered. Sorry.  
J., that's what I find so great about that suit. It has an old "tattered" charm about it -- something that goes perfectly with patinated brogues and an overcoat. It has a "coarseness" that modern wools sorely lack (am I going American Trad here?). I have seen that suit in person, and I really love the way it feels and looks in person.
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To be honest, I have no doubt that even I would like it if I saw the suit. I rarely have anything against a fabric (as long as it is mostly natural fibers). It might just be that in that swatch, for some reason, it brings back some repressed memory of a horrible nightmare involving Buster Keaton trying to run me over with a train. Who knows. However, I know that RL was probably going for some kind of old-and-beat-up 'pedigree' when he chose that fabric, and for that reason, the same reason I hate pre-leather-patched-elbow jackets (fake old-worldliness), I don't like it. BTW, did I tell you all about my New Year's resolution to make up hyphenated compound-words for everything?
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J., I agree that the "I tore one elbow patch off but left the other one on because I'm lazy" look is much more true Old World than the two elbow patch look is.
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Ouch. I will get to the other one, in time.
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I'm with Johnny Norman on this. The broken stripes make the suit look less machine-made, more old school (but not really prep), but hardly tattered. I think these stripes are called "rope stripes" because they vary in width.
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I'm not a fan of elbow patches on sport coats. They can be useful on clothing that might actually be used for sports or for crawling in the mud, but the only person I know who has worn through the elbows of his sport coat is the security guard from my lobby, who stands with his forearms on a podium for several hours a day. Anyone remember the Simpsons episode where Homer cuts the elbows out of his tweed jacket to use as elbow patches on his leather jacket? Marge says "you've ruined a perfectly good jacket" and Homer responds "incorrect. That's TWO perfectly good jackets." Back to the matter at hand, I think I will indeed take a look at some narrow-spaced chalkstripes for the next suit. I do think it will provide added challenges for shirt matching. The bengal-stripe shirt in the RL photos doesn't quite do it for me.
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