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42Rs in need of a sportcoat

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A 41R, but in my experience they run a hair big. So a 42R would fit perfectly in this coat. Made in Italy Golden Fleece for only $55. I will be disappointed if a Forum member doesn't own this by midnight tonight.
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The desc here isn't as good, and there's no pic of the tag, but similarly golden fleece pinstripe suit
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Any versatility to the first item listed (navy). Looks like a suit missing a pant. I've been needing something that could be almost as versatile as a navy blazer, how versatile would this be?
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The first coat seems like a great deal, but based on the measurements it is probably a better fit for a 41 rather than a 42 (i.e. the chest is only 44").
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Pretty versatile, in my opinion. It goes with everything that a solid navy blazer would go with, but it adds a bit of pattern for interest. I doubt this is an orphaned coat -- I've never seen a GF suit in this fabric, and it looks like a standard sportcoat fabric to me.
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Against my better judgment, I bit. Seller sent me some more pics, they were v. cooperative - I guess they get genuine outlet type stuff, not just 346 factory store merch. That's just too cheap for a miser like me to pass up. If it truly is too tight I usually wear 42r - it'll pop up here. I also think it's likely not part of a suit. Content tag says it's part silk, and I have a hard time imagining BB doing pants in a silk herringbone windowpane. If only it weren't single vented... As for the suit link I posted earlier, I think that suit is pretty damn old, but it is kinda cool. I'm not buying it EDIT: Thanks jn3.
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It was 1" too long, otherwise I would have bought it. I'd agree that it's not part of a suit-due to appearance and fabric. Very versatile, and you know you stole it. Hopefully, this will take some of the sting out of losing the Isaia auction.
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Shoreman, You beat me to it by only a few minutes. I was going to bite. Should it not work for you, PM me. I would also be interested in the additional pictures they sent you should it come to that. Good luck. I'm a size 41R for Brooks Brothers items, so you may have a selling outlet should it not work for you.
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The length did throw me a bit, but we'll see how it fits. JohnMS, if it's not for me, you've got dibs. I'll try and give a good appraisal and post some pics. Still hurting from the Isaia loss - what I've really been hunting for is a suit..
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I actually like to wear navy suit jackets with odd trousers, I prefer the buttons to not be brass, which are quite common in blazers, especially ones from BB. One outfit that I've used quite frequently is a navy with royal blue windowpane blazer by Belvest, with a black/blue bengal striped express premium shirt, I think it looks quite good with black pants/shoes.
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