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Neiman marcus sales

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Is anyone on the board familiar with the typical schedule for Nieman Marcus' sales? There's a bunch of items, which have been on sale for about two weeks, that I'm somewhat interested in but would prefer to wait for further reductions. I tried to pick the salesman's brain about when the next round of reductions would be, but he wasn't giving me much (probably because he knew I wasn't buying anything)...
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At the Neiman-Marcus Last Call store here in Dallas, everything in the men's department will be reduced a further 20% starting on Wednesday, June 11 in honor of Father's Day. I'll be buying many items to sell on eBay starting this weekend... Also, Nordstrom stores in Dallas and Houston will be having 20% to 50% off selected men's department items starting Friday, June 13. I do not know if these savings also apply to Nordstrom Rack stores in Plano or Hurst, Texas.
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Thanks for the info on Last Call, vero_group. I was about to embark on a 3 hour road trip to my nearest LC this morning, but I see I should wait another day. As for sales at Neimans itself, I believe a salesman at my local one told me that the next wave of price reductions would start around July 4th, followed by a final one in August.
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hmmm, I've heard they'd come a little earlier... First call started last week, I was told that secondary markdowns would start after 3 weeks, then tertiary markdowns in another 3. Anyone have the inside scoop?
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The Last Call in Primm Nevada (about 1/2 hr from Vegas) is marking down most of the menswear an additional 20% starting tomorrow. The sale ends Saturday I believe. They just recently did a rotation (the 30% off items went to 50% off and the 50% off items went to 70% off) so there should be some great deals to be had. I'm not certain if the other Last Calls are doing the same thing.
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Andrew: I gotta make it to that Last Call one of these days. Bet all the goods from SF and Wilshire/Rodeo end up there. These are 2 of the top 5 Neiman's in the U.S.
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