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Really nice socks

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I've learned to appreciate very, very good socks. For dress socks, my drawer has been emptied over everything buy wool over the calf socks, which I find breathe better, are more comfortable, look better, and keep my feet drier and warmer. Right now, I have a pair of Brooks Brothers, a pair of Saks house brand, and six pair of Pantherella. I would like more of such nice socks, and am always on the lookout for them. And, it is a guilty pleasure that I find I am willing to pay for. So, I was browsing the Paul Stuart site and really just love some of their "hoisery." Does anyone have experience with either the wool argyle over the calf socks or the narrow ribbed merino over the calf socks? Paul Stuart socks They are a bit steep still on their website, though not so high that I'm unwilling to buy. Are they on sale in their stores ever? Are they worth the money? Also, if anyone else knows of a good source of affordable high quality socks, let me know. My Filene's Basement is fresh out of the Pantherellas, which I got for $10 (I should have bought all of them; I'm kicking myself).
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Marshalls often has Pantherellas in wool, cotton and cashmere blends. Since no one apparently knows the brand, they go on clearance. I have bought a few pairs of them and returned all of them. They were huge (I wear a 10-1/2 or 11D, and the heel was up above my shoe heel) and/or see-through (think old-lady calf-high black nylons). I did not try washing and drying them to see if they would shrink down to a reasonable size, because then I would not be able to return them. If I found a pair that wasn't see-through, and looked like a normal size, I'd get them, because they do look nice.
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I buy Pantherella socks at for about $15. This online retailer seems to always have them in stock, but the selection is often limited. They're a great souce for Derek Rose pajamas, too.
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I picked up a pair of cashmere Pantherellas from Marshalls for $15. The bottom line is that they're pretty crappy--a very loose, uncomfortable weave, and not very soft fabric. Do they only send their seconds to the discounters? Or maybe a second line? How is the quality on the ones from STP? Tom
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I can't definitively say that Pantherella socks sold at discounted prices are not "seconds", but my experience, with those that I've bought from STP, has been good.
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JN, I haven't tried PS's argyle socks. I have recently taken a liking to Dore Dore's wool over the calf argyles. Excellent. They go completely over the calf (and I've got long legs), so no slippage down at all. They go through the wash and dryer with no shrinkage. As for PS, I'm a big fan. Do you get the catalog? If so, turn to page 26 of the Fall 2004 catalog (the one with the horse sculpture on the cover). There you'll see the "Raker" socks. They are incredible. Beautiful to look at and comfortable. $39 each, but worth it IMO. I ordered one of each color and am glad I did. For some reason, these Raker socks are not on the website. I ordered them by calling the phone number for orders. BTW, page 27 of that catalog has pix of the argyles and pictures of some nice looking houndstooth-design socks.
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I have a pair of the Pantherella cashmere blend in the loose weave you speak of Tiger. I think they are okay -- certainly keep their shape and don't pill as easily as some other brands (including Polo), but I agree that they are a bit less than you'd might expect. But I think that's the case with almost all cashmere socks. The merino full over the calf Pantherellas though are very good. J., I have noticed a bit of shrinkage so that the heel fits fine. I wear a 10.5 or 11 US and they fit me just fine after a wash and dry.
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Consider me another unimpressed consumer of Pantharella merino socks. Their smallest size is too big for me and the socks are really thin. My favorite socks are my merino blend Gold Toe over the calf socks. Unfortunately, they're hard to find and I don't think they come in very many colors. A close second is my over the calf cotton Gold Toes. I don't feel that much of a difference between the merino and the cotton. dan
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