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American Crew Fiber is causing me acne!

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Hi everyone, I'm new here.

I have been using American Crew's Fiber for about 2 years now and it is an awesome product. I have short hair that I like to give a slight spike to, and the Fiber does the job very nicely without making my hair look wet or gelled.

I am going to have to stop using the Fiber however because it is causing acne along the top of my forehead (along the hair line). At first the acne was manageable with skin colored bumps, but the longer I use it, the worse (and redder) the pimples get.

I have read the other threads saying Jonathan's Dirt would be a good alternative, as well as some other products, but can anyone shed some light on if they may cause acne as well? I know every person's skin is different, but if anyone has had a similar reaction, please let me know.

Thanks! I look forward to some responses!
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I've been using Dirt for almost 2 years and have no acne problems.

Are you sure it's the AC Fiber that is causing it?
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I had asked my dermatologist, and she said that the Fiber was most likely causing the acne. I never had the problem before using it.

I think I will give Dirt a try and see if there is a difference. If not, I may just need to shave my head and call it a day.
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Or just stop using Fiber...

No Fiber
Shave Head

I don't get it.
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I had a similar experience with Fiber years ago. Try something else. I use Sumotech now without problems. It's better anyway.
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yeah, that product is filled with fragrance and polymers that cause pores to clog. (could be either one causing the break out.) I would start with a fragrance free version first and use an astringent in your hairline. If your skin is sensitive try an astringent without alcohol.
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Thanks Renault and Lovely for the replies.

I will give Sumotech a shot. Is there a major retail outlet that carries it b/c it doesn't look familiar to me.

Lovely, for the astringent, do you recommend a certain type or brand? I'm assuming it is somewhat similar to toner, where you apply it with a cotton ball.

And if it is the fragrance that is causing the outbreak, I must assume that Dirt won't help matters much since it smells like a tasty dessert.
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I have had success with Fiber. I found the Sumotech to be too thick and sticky, and more expensive as well. I liked Dirt, but the hold is a bit looser than Fiber in my experience. I still may give it a second try.

But right now, I'm giving American Crew's Citrus Mint Paste a go, just picked some up yesterday. The ingredients and texture are different from Fiber, but the results are supposed to be similar. It's rainy today so I can't tell yet if I like it.
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I've seen bumble & bumble (people who make sumotech) products at CVS.
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I like Kiehl's a lot as far as astringent goes. Your right tho it is just another word for toner.
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Another American Crew Fiber user here. I also have scalp acne, but I always figured it was due to my shitty genes, not my hair styling products. Maybe I should test going without the wax for a while to see if it makes a difference. Hey, if you get a final answer as to the cause of the acne, please post it here or PM me. Thanks.
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I've been using American Crew shampoo for years and American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel,  I always thought the acne on my scalp was genetic.  The doctors that I saw never addressed the hair gel.  Then my high school son started using my American Crew Gel on his hair.  He was sweating in gym class and his scalp developed these small "oozers" with some mild hair loss around his temple.  His pediatrician immediately said stop using the gel.  She was right.  The irritation stopped and his scalp is fine after switching away from this product.


I am now going to follow up with the doctor who had been treating me and try to develop this further.

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