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Originally Posted by Patrician View Post
Actually thats even more ugly since its a wallet, which we have established to be ugly, plus an attached money clip, which I have established ugly.

LOL! We meaning a handful of people? Style is a matter of personal preference not a matter of what someone else thinks. What works for one does not mean it works for another. Someone asked a question, answers were given with a variety of solutions. It's up to the OP to determine what will work for them, not what I like or you like.
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We meaning I
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Ah, the royal "we".
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Hey Lee,

what one you running in the bottom right of your pic? I also like the look of the prada on the left
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Would you guys prefer this wallet... http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/...7641&ev19=3:11 or this one? http://www.launer.com/leather-credit...allet-tan.html I'm planning to get gold corners on the Launer wallet, so the price would end up being the same.
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Originally Posted by Crane's View Post
Filson makes several credit card type wallets, one with a money clip. I own one with the clip and it works great for a front pocket wallet.

I have gone completely to the Filson Security Wallet. Note - pic is not me....its from the Filson site.


I keep it in my front pocket or jacket inside pocket. It is very liberating to be free of the big wallet.

License, health ins., credit card, a debit card and a couple of $20s is all you need.
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I have been using the SmartMoney Clip which is available in a number of finishes. They have two different sizes available, one that holds 5 cards and another that holds ten....I I use to carry my cards in in a leather card holder and my money in a silver money clip. The SmartMoney clip is a great option and will definitely meet your needs...
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I use a money clip and two different card cases. I use a Tumi bifold with 6 card slots and 2 pockets during the week. I need to carry company as well as personal credit cards, business cards, driver's license, carry permit, ATM card... but it resides in my briefcase all day.

On the weekend, I switch to an RL slim card case with 3 total slots styled like this.

The only things I carry on the weekend are a credit card, driver's license and whatever store cards I plan on using (BB, NM, etc.) Unlike most in ths thread, I do carry significant cash.
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I have a Bosca front pocket wallet. Plenty of room for a few cards and ID with a magnetic money clip on the back. The magnets are strong so it's a really secure money clip.

Bosca Front Pocket Wallet
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Nice leather card case and metal money clip.
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I use a billfold wallet, a gift from a close friend.

I went from a very chunky tri-fold wallet to money clip. 3 years ago I converted back to a billfold wallet.

Money clip alone is just not enough.
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