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Originally Posted by lithium180 View Post
dry rub. 40% uniodized sea salt 60% finely ground espresso beans

Interesting enough.. i've seen this recipe done before, I didn't have the mouth to try it, not a fan of espresso/coffee. I believe Man V. Food also had a similar Steak served at a restaurant but I cannot recall which one.
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Like others, a good cut with sufficient fat needs nothing besides salt and black pepper. For some roasts or lean steaks (eye of round, skirt, any form of London Broil, etc) I'll whip together the following: worcestershire sauce, stone ground mustard, black pepper, minced garlic, paprika, and a touch of cumin.
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I only use salt and pepper, though I often put garlic and sometimes fennel in the cooking butter. Definitely nothing with sugar, natural or otherwise, because unlike most (I guess) I don't want a really dark charred crust.
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I'm in the salt and pepper camp- anything more is sacrilege.
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While I still enjoy the marinade I posted here, nearly three years ago, I only use it on the lesser cuts now. For the good cuts, like a nicely marbled ribeye, I'm down to just salt and pepper with maybe a little butter.
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Salf & peper and minced rosemary. I also picked up the habit of a squirt of fresh lemon on the steak right off the grill....a Tuscan trick.
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