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The only cut I marinade is the hanger steak. A few hours in a ziplock bag with some olive oil and chopped garlic intensifies the kidney/offal flavor of the cut.
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I like a small pat of butter on top of my ribeyes after it is cooked.
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Generally, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper only. If I am grilling, I will oil the grill but not the steak. If I am using cast iron, I won't use oil at all - most oils burn too quickly.

Occasionally, I will make a rub out of freshly ground ancho chili powder, ground espresso, salt, pepper and garlic powder, but I usually just keep it simple.

Never sugar or garlic - it burns right away.
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the vinegar suggestion I find, makes a steak not only mushy but grey...
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The ideas you post would be especially good with lamb. You are Indian? Or dated an Indian?

Originally Posted by oscarthewild View Post
The really good steaks get only salt, fresh ground pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil.

For flanks, the sherry vinegar helps to marinate the meat, the soy adds salty flavour and is interesting when it caramelizes on the grill. Finely chopped onions also add flavour. I sometimes poke tons of holes with a skewer into the meat. Helps the marinade get inside.

An alternate is to use yogurt, not the typical store kind. But like the Russian/Turkish or Indian (Dahi), which are tarter and have more bacteria. I add shallots, chopped serranos, roasted cumin(tiny bit), almond oil and crushed cardamon seeds. This works well for flank steaks. This is a very fragrant steak. A pesto of fresh coriander and almonds is good accompaniment.
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good steak just needs sea salt...
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For flavorful cuts, salt and cracked pepper.

For flavorless cuts (i.e., filet mignon), a light dusting of dried ginger, a smear of minced garlic (can come from a jar), and a squirt of lime juice. Salt and pepper ad lib.
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Originally Posted by taktikz View Post
good steak just needs sea salt...

LOL. Read the link I posted.
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Originally Posted by lithium180 View Post
dry rub. 40% uniodized sea salt 60% finely ground espresso beans

Espresso beans with steak? What would that taste like.
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I would give my first born in order to have a steady supply of hanger steaks... without a doubt the best bang for your buck steak out there. Too bad it's nearly impossible to find.

As usual I won't marinade most cuts of meat. Flank and skirt really benefit from some canola oil with cilantro, garlic, and asado spices (cumin, chili powder, cayenne, etc.)

When I have something like a top sirloin that needs an extra kick my secret is to rub it with dijon mustard and then coat it with cracked pepper and a little bit of salt.... it really gives it a phenomenal flavor.
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I like BBQ Sauce over A1 Steak sauce... I like the sweetness compared to the sourness of the A1... but usually just sea salt ....
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
LOL. Read the link I posted.

I'll try this and get back to you
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My usual would just be adding ground pepper and salt most of time but also giving it lemon was also another added flavor......
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Coat it in olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, maybe a pinch of garlic.
Worcestershire sauce is a must for me on my steaks as well.

Cooked to Medium. Usually enjoy eating Steak with Fries or Baked Potatoes.

Don't get too fancy, the more you do, the worse it gets imo.
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