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Sander - the same cut?

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Do all Jil Sander jackets, be it a part of a suit or a blazer, have the same cut? I mean the dimensions, the volume
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I always wondered, yet never really found the answer, what drop Sander's have. Is it fixed?
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Really depends on the particular jacket, it's overall look, the season, etc... For example, a lighter weight wear alone linen sportsjacket is going to fit looser in the body than a charcoal, three season weight wool suit. Most Sander stuff has a 7 drop. However, her pants are probably the slimmest of all the designer cuts, excepting Dior Homme.
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How exactly does one measure drop?
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Measure the chest, measure the pants' waist, subtract.
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Drop (in a suit) indicates the difference between chest and waist measurements. Drop 6 is about a standard slim-ish fit. A jacket with a 42" chest would come with a 36" waist. Drop 7 is a slim-fitting suit and drop 8 an athletic cut. Men with a belly might need a drop 4 or even drop 2 (portly). Many fat men get suits with the wrong drop, that's why they can't button up the trousers around the waist, but button it considerably lower and carry their beer bellies above the waistband.
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