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Split-toe Norwegian Blucher

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I've been considering a purchase of a pair of Alden cordovan Norwegian split-toe bluchers. I've never owned this style of shoe, and haven't really paid it much attention. What attire is most classically/traditionally paired with this style of shoe? This model has double leather soles.
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Flusser, "Dressing the Man", p. 202: "With heavy leather uppers and thick country soles, the rugged Norwegian was built for the outdoors". Flusser limits the shoe to leisure wear. Flusser's prior book "Dressing the Man" includes the Weston model of the Norwegian in his discussion of preferred sportswear (obviously including sport jackets and blazers). On the other hand, there have been prior posts on this forum where knowledgeable members think this shoe is more versatile and can be worn with suits. To me, this means that some suits are not that dressy (SB flannels, cords, etc) and can be worn with Norwegians. Manton has posted here that cordovans should be considered a winter shoes, and I personally think he's right.
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Heavy tweed suits; heavy odd jackets and flannel or cavalry twill trousers.
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I might add that I recently purchased these in brown calfskin and they are extremely comfortable.
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in simpler terms, I think they would look nice with flattering khakis and a dress shirt- or even jeans with a dress shirt and sportcoat.
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Gentlemen, Thank you for your knowledgeable replies. One additional question: do you think that J M Weston produces a better Norwegian split-toe blucher? If my information is correct, the Weston model is considerably more expensive.
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I have a very pair of those Alden's in cordovan and think they look great with a pair of heather grey or charcoal grey and a royal blue shirt and matching cordovan belt. They also look nice with flat front camel trousers FWIW.
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I looked at the Weston split toe in their shop in Cannes at the end of October.  The price, if I recall correctly, was 440 euros, which was similar to the prices charged for the oxfords, although the plain cap toe might have been a little cheaper.  Of course, the VAT would be refunded on export if you qualified.  This was considerably less than the CAN$900 - $1000 plus tax I was quoted in Toronto. The Weston looks sleeker: more rounded than pointed.  The reason I didn't buy a pair was that they only had two colours in stock: black and a light brown, I believe.  Other colours were available by special order, but took at least a month and as I was only there for 10 days, not practical.  The salesman did offer to ship them, but I wanted to use my duty-free allowance bringing them back.
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I've got these Alden's in brown calfskin and cordovan. I wear them all the time as part of my office's business casual get-up. They go great with khakis, flannels, etc. Very versatile. I wear them with blazers but not with business suits.
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