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still waiting for a few packages before i post, its epic (for me at least)
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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

still waiting for a few packages before i post, its epic (for me at least)

is this one a keeper?
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So... I kopped that discounted TM Lewin tie, should be great. But I was (1) interested in their website as a result and (2) afraid he'd get lonely in the closet without any friends. They're running a 5 shirts for 100 pounds deal (plus other promo codes, HUNDRED or FIRST), couldn't resist. Figured I'd reinvest my recent thrifting gains. Slowly working my way down Jermyn Street shirtmakers (Pink, CT, Herbie Frogg, Harvie & Hudson, Turnbull & Asser, and now TM Lewin). I'm coming for you New & Lingwood, Hawes & Curtis, and Hildritch & Key...

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Picked up this Billy Reid SC that I won't get to wear until it gets warmer baldy[1].gif but it's all good.  Need some sleeve work so it'll go in my "to be altered" grouping. Body hugging italian dreaminess inlove.gif






Click below for a better pix:





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Originally Posted by razl View Post

Swwweeeeeet. Though I'm not sure if I'm more enamored with the suit or of your good fortune to live in a climate where you can wear items like that (sigh, 80 degrees in central Florida today...as my flannels and tweeds collect dust).

Thanks. It was - 4 F yesterday; would not mind being in FL and being able to wear some linen and cotton smile.gif
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Great collar shape.
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....as much as a kiton RTW shirt, price sucks....but wanted something slimmed down and tab - collared for the TF suit. hopefully will turn out well!
Originally Posted by Jhors2 View Post

Just curious, how much is MTM Tom Ford shirting?
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6 Mastai coming next week...
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I don't often wear french cuffs but I thought these links were pretty cool.

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Very nice. Where from?
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Rugby RL closing down sale
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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

Very nice. Where from?

+1 those are amazing
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those are neat. what are they made of?
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Originally Posted by inimitable View Post

Rugby RL closing down sale

Woah, Rugby is closing? Missed this in November apparently
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They're not sterling silver and weren't expensive. Solid metal though, pewter perhaps?
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