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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post

Did someone say Brunello Cucinelli, Loake, and Vincenzo di Ruggiero?

I DID!!!
Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

If you move the tail, the head moves...
Laser beams were extra....


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

A robe.
MoL and I are going to the Playboy mansion together in our robes and leaving our businesses behind.

orlynow. is the wife dropping you off?
great tie, g.
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That was a nice RL purple label above.


Heavy wool Zanella koppage:




Gotta hurry and get these hemmed as the cold weather will be over before we know it.

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Just a sneak peak, I just got home to this so will post better pictures once the lighting is better tomorrow :)


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Got a pair of new chukkas, Bodiley's Glaston, made by Cheaney. They seem a little too pointy to me. Here they are next to my battered AS Havants

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Not purchases but got a couple of gifts for my Birthday.


Truefitt & Hill Razor and Aftershave Balm



New oldstock B&L Ray-Ban W1343




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lookin fwd to seeing this one/ details.
Originally Posted by Jhors2 View Post

Just a sneak peak, I just got home to this so will post better pictures once the lighting is better tomorrow smile.gif
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aj - i dont think they are too pointy

joshua - cool stuff
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Ok so I'll be honest, the lighting is still horrible, I was hoping to see some sun this morning but we are still getting rain in the bay area :(  BNWT Tom Ford two piece double pinstripe suit.  38R Base A drop 7.  All the basting as you can see.  I need to get this thing to the tailor ASAP to get the sleeves finished and pants hemmed.  Going to get the functional 5 button cuffs done with the last buttonhole being longer than the rest in the Tom Ford typical style.  I don't think I've had a suit fit better.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)












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Yknow, Tom Ford may not be my style, but everytime I see those buttonholes... drool.gif
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nice tf i wear the same size pretty much, fits great
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sup CM formerly known as MC

the shah got a new suit ! no derail, will post fit in some while i spose
but i'm wondering if the trousers will fit, quite slim, relatively speaking of course

Y's for men double layer suit. sz3 aw03 mint condition

rare item and difficult to find as a suit, from one the best y's collections from the past aw03 shown with YYPH on runway

Hand stitching details, the inner layer is a fully constructed sleeveless blazer. The quality is extremely high, incredible wool gabardine fabric and the construction is top notch. Color is an very dark navy (looks basically black) The pants are slimmer than usual with a straight cut (not huge as usually would be)

Removed the Y's patches (there were there to show the fully reversible nature of the garment) but I still have them. It an be worn with the two layers on or just the blazer. The sleeveless blazer can also be worn by itself and it looks great ss04 style.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

Hand stitching details]

I prefer Mrs. NOBD's stitches. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by gyasih View Post

RedDevil, take em back.

Why not just remove the patch?
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