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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
^ The Borrelli ties you have are beautiful.

Thanks. No one bought that one and I really liked it so I decided to keep it. The other tie is Balenciaga. It is made in the same factory as Battistoni ties of some really weighty silk.
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Loving this thread concept.

I've bought nothing for myself recently, but should be ordering some shirts this weekend.
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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
Loving this thread concept.

^ +1. Reminds me of the `____________ (insert month) acquisitions` thread on AAAC' Trad forum I enjoy viewing. It's always a treat to see others' purchases. Whether they're one of a kind items or more run of the mill doesn't matter. Even if it's stuff I wouldn't wear or buy myself, I get to shop vicariously through others and my wallet thanks me for it!
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Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire View Post
Regarding the content, that is not correct .

That's fair. Lets just say that the bespoke purchases (which I drive down to the lowest possible price) neccessitate everything else being at closeout prices.

Also forgot to mention the on To-Be-Purchased list; Rider Boots. Now that I've seen the captoe version of the tall boot, I'm considering holding off on the wingtip version. Before someone says I should get both - remember - where I live we really don't have "cold" weather. So even one pair of boots is kinda stretching it.
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Most recent is a watch.

I will be ordering a new tuxedo shortly. I will also get the patent laceups from Brooks Brothers. Not much else planned for the coming year. Probably will get some new shirts too.
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I also like the concept of this thread. Will be posting some items shortly.
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I will be ordering a new tuxedo shortly. I will also get the patent laceups from Brooks Brothers. Not much else planned for the coming year. Probably will get some new shirts too.

That reminds me of new patent pumps and velvet slippers.
The latter shall be with me in a few days, as for the pumps we'll see when they're ready.
I "need" red tartan trousers for evening wear and a woolen and/or silk formal waistcoat till mid oder late november.
A deeply cut, lapeled black waistcoat is harder to find than I thought.
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The only recent purchase that has actually made it into my hands is a Mullholland Brothers Safari Bag. OnTheFly was having a 25% off sale and I couldn't resist.

I originally had planned on getting a tuxedo next year, since it was too probably late to get a bespoke one made by the end of the year (considering the travel I'd have to do to see the tailor I wanted). However, I decided to do something for New Year's Eve and hit the mall. I've got a Brooks Brothers MTM tuxedo ordered, a shirt for it from Hamilton's, and have some silk/cashmere formal socks on the way. Now I need to pick up the other accessories for it (real bow tie, patent leather shoes, cufflink and stud set). I also took advantage of the BB web clearance special, and have a pair of the Peal & Co. wingtips heading my way. Oh, and Thursday I go for my fitting with Cleverley.

Hopefully that's about it for clothes for the rest of this year. I still need to get some furniture and make my apartment a bit more presentable.
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Here are a few recent things:

"Fall/Winter" shoes
EG Cardiff Edwardian 606
RLPL Parson dark brown suede 89
EG Dover Country Calf 505

"Fall/Winter" ties

BB wool
BB wool
Attolini cashmere/silk
Attolini cashmere/silk
Rubinacci cashmere
Rubinacci cashmere

"Sock" ties

"Wedding" ties
RLPL x 2

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Visited Borrelli is SF yesterday - 2 Belts and 1 pair of Jeans, (i know the feeling about Jeans, though these are the most amazing fit). Great store and associate. Borrelli Shirt and Jacket from Lance, (hoping they will arrive this week). Kiton Tie and Finamore Shirt from Ian (STF), for a wedding I am attending the day after tomorrow. Cucinelli Navy Blazer - that didn't sell, so i decided it's a keeper. Feels amazing on.
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Some girly-man yellow for fall:

the BC is a vest

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Recently bought a pair of Paul Smith "Dean" from the 'bay...

very cool chukka w/ austere wingtip. it's hard to tell by the picture, but the stitching of the shoe is a light green...adds that colorful/signature touch to PS's designs.

soles come complete w/ the London skyline

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a couple of Japanese vintage fountain pens (70s) Some Etro, cuchinelli and and oh yea SHOES.
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This is the equivalent of a SF "Arms race". The shoe damage and watch damage threads qualify as well. But that's like comparing Navys. This is taking into account the entire armed forces.
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I just bought this tie bar for $10

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