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thanks guys! when i have the tie in hand, will pass along info if you like-- good price and the gent accepts paypal-- can't be beat.
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Love that tie Foxx nod[1].gif

If you're happy to do so please pass on details?
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I like! +congrats on getting back home fistbump.gif
Originally Posted by The_Foxx View Post

one last necktie, something special to celebrate my permanent return to the USA after working overseas; if this works out from the gentleman selling, plan to order several more and will provide more info to anyone interested.

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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

I'm in the Central Valley in California.

As in Harland Ranch?
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beautiful. which brand, and where did you kop? smile.gif

what needs restoring? the patina looks great!

Now that it has come in, I've got a better. answer. I called Tanner Krolle and spoke with a very courteous representative who I took pictures for and put them up on my flickr so that he could give me a quote on the restoration costs. You can see them here. Overall the leather is very dry and I'm trying not to open and close it too much. The lining is okay, but most likely needs to be replaced. The straps are starting to crack and should probably be replaced. I hope that it's serviceable because the thing is fucking awesome. Was told on the phone though that replacing the lining may get expensive because it's sewn into the bag, and so the whole thing will need to be unswen, lining replaced, and then resewn. I'll see what they say.

Oh, and because it's this thread, where pics are king:

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Thanks. There's a saddlery shop near my office as well (What? It's Texas.) that I thought about checking out for stuff to do some interim cleaning with.
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That stuff is great for DIY. However, if you are strongly in favor or contracting the restoration out to a third party, I would hold off on doing anything yourself as it may impede their work. Good luck.
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Good advice. The plan is then to wait for the manufacturer to get back to me.
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Originally Posted by Snoogz View Post

As in Harland Ranch?

That's where I'm headed. Get the keys tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

That's where I'm headed. Get the keys tomorrow.

I reside nearby. had no idea this area was able to produce another SFer, considering our demographics and laid back lifestyle.

And of course, congratulations is in order!
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Polo RL alligator

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Originally Posted by RedDevil10 View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


These are super soft. Great brushes!

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A little bit of a splurge recently. I declared some of these purchases in the past weeks and never posted any photos, others of these are new and unmentioned.


The Castangia shirts (solid blue and white in center) are incredible and handmade (you can see the pick stitching in the shoulders) and the Etons (all of the rest) fit so perfectly! The blue/white POW is a DNA line that I never wanted to take off once wearing.  Knitted ties by Eton as well and the other is a David Donahue. The suits are by Trussini, the nailhead jacket is a cashmere unlined and the navy is a 180s wool natural craftsmanship by BB. The suede monks are Church's. Braces by Albert Thurston for Udeshi and the scarf is a St. Andrews cross by Udeshi as well. The belt is a moc-croc pressed leather.












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