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So red can grab it.
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The pattern matching on the Borrelli sportscoat's barchetta pocket is immaculate.  Absolutely love the black captoes.  Is the toe shape slightly more rounded than square?  That's my preference -- it looks more subtle and balanced.



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Correct! And Ich and Spoo essplosion. uhoh.gif



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and 2 shirts on the way too from senior ich.
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All the good ones are.

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No high end Despos yet but I needed some staples.


Some Suit Supply.




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Grabbed a lot of pants from Epaulet

Steel Gray and Navy Cotton Twill

UK Donegal Tweed in Brown and Olive, Italian Donegal Tweed in Navy

Tan and Olive Moleskin

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Still tapping my foot, waiting on the postman.

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Starting college back up in January, so I took advantage of the J Crew sale and bought the Abingdon Messenger Bag for 52 bucks after discount:



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So red can grab it.

Have a nearly identical Spoo jacket at the tailor still. Ugh.
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frown.gif and even more frown.gif about the USPS sitch.

g, well done on the pents front.
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My darling wife bought me a beautiful cashmere tie from Borrelli in Napoli. 

I didn't think it was going to get much wear- beautiful as it was- so I went back down yesterday and picked up these. 






I'm not sure if I made the right choice, but I think I'll get more wear from these 4 season ties. 

Either way it was a great Christmas gift! 

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My darling wife bought me a beautiful cashmere tie from Borrelli in Napoli. 

She's a keeper!
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She's a keeper!

Absolutely!  What's up for debate is whether I am!

She let me commission a suit and 2 more shirts too. 


But I did get her some Louboutin shoes so I guess we're cool! 

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My first Tom Ford Jacket, just brought it home today. TF shirt as well though it could use a slight trim on the sleeve; pretty good for OTR though.

I had the sleeves on the TF jacket sized and cut the bottom of the jacket by 1/2" OTR. More TF and my first Loro Piana (denim) coming back from the tailor tomorrow. apologies for low res photo & poor lighting / staging. jacket is a light cream colour and is all silk.

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