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Drake's scarves

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Just scored some burgundy AE Leeds on the cheap. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWNX:IT
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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
D/B blazer from Valentino's Tailoring line, made by Isaia. $60.

I had told BMulford this was Isaia - he convinced me otherwise... =(
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Care to share the info? The inner tag is just like my Isaia Napoli stuff - though I had just read somewhere that it was made by Isaia.
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Went to the first fitting on a bespoke jacket I'm having made, and ending up making a couple of other impulse purchases at Ede at the same time...

Finding hats that fit/suit me is a nightmare, but I found the black trilby in the middle of this pic and it happened to work for me so I couldn't resist:

I also picked up a couple of fun ties. The flash has made them a bit more harsh than they are in reality. There's actually some better pics of the navy one in the sales thread in my sig since I used that tie with the items I was selling. I've been looking for some ties in these sort of patterns for a few months so couldn't resist when I found them in the shop:

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A Finamore shirt, pics can be found in the folded up shirt porn thread.
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A recent eBay acquisition ($18 with shipping):
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I finally got a Wang...
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Originally Posted by rammie View Post
Seamaster De Ville from the bay.

What did you pay?
I have this watch in 18k gold, bought new.
Never kept good time.
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Originally Posted by Neo1824 View Post
Does he still have the bulk of his stuff not on the website?

Yes. I think so.
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Originally Posted by Metlin View Post
I finally got a Wang...

Sweet, I have the same.
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Vintage PRL tweed from eBay.

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Hmmm, let's see: Partonepea charcoal grey flannel suit, 2 navy Zegna "Surge" model suits (have one on ebay listed now), a few Armani dress shirts, Borgioli shoes.
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Just bought a pair of RLPL plain navy dress trousers ($90) and a pair of PRL brown with red and tan windowpane tweed dress trousers ($90).

Evidently I stick out at the office too much in a suit.
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post
I had told BMulford this was Isaia - he convinced me otherwise... =(
looks like I was wrong. I just bought this off him. I had bought several other Valentino items off Yoox and almost none of them were from the Tailoring line. Guess its just luck of the draw. Based upon this discovery however, I bought a few others that were sitting in my dream box. evidently you can still buy things even after they're no longer on the site, so long as they're in your dream box. Also picked up another Isaia from STP. Next week will pickup a few more borrelli flannel trousers, and cotton shirts. Perhaps a Cucinelli linen odd jacket, or Attolini cashmere jacket.
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