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Originally Posted by Jamesgatz View Post

How much is retail for a Kiton vicuna suit?


No cheaper than $30,000. Now if you're talking about White Vicuna, you're looking at $75,500 for a suit jacket. $115,000 for a coat. 

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Directly from Spoo/LuxeSwap/balearic1 headquarters:

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“New Lagos” wool & silk pocket square from Ikire Jones

And a little something from Brioni

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

Ok let's start ties got one by uman (used to be at brioni) herringbone cool holder and 2 drakes one cashmere one grenadine.qa4ynyve.jpgu9ezejeb.jpgebeqa2at.jpgagu8e9a8.jpg Berluti cardholder scritto design ujusapub.jpgy4ugemu9.jpg next is a rlpl electric blue croc tubo (right spoo? Lol) belt 6e7yzyhy.jpgtynuty2u.jpg3u3eqa9y.jpg next sac a depeche Hermes briefcase 4a2ajury.jpgaqadyrej.jpgmahesa2e.jpg next is basically a free Tibet party William ymu6y5ab.jpg William pepemebe.jpg Jermyn jadumuqy.jpg and magananni PSA definitely pick these up at your local off 5th for 100 great beater pair I bought 2! 4yga6u5e.jpg nicest Tom fords I've seen too bad they are marked. 10.5 but fit like a 9.5 eqe2ypu2.jpgnyha5yvu.jpga3e7uter.jpg next is too big for me but a first so ill post it its a Berluti Leather jacket mega rare and retails at like 8 grand 4emyve5e.jpgabu3u2ys.jpgu6ypy6uv.jpg7uzydury.jpgynyny5a5.jpgumama8e2.jpgujaba7uh.jpg polo 3 piece suit from the spoogyqetyty.jpga4esy7u5.jpg and I Vanessa WIlliamsd the kiton suit of kings and billionaires! sudeheqy.jpgty7atasy.jpge8e6ere6.jpgvany2yju.jpg good night guys!

I bet you could not sleep all night, I mean, I would not be able to sleep well with m mind busy thinking when I am going to use all that stuff for the first time! Haha enjoy it man! Excellent stuff!
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Originally Posted by forex View Post

These are nice, what model and last?

Westbourne 8695 Last
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was it really necessary to quote all those pics again
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A local menswear place is closing its doors and having a 50-70% off sale.  I had plans to swing by first thing this morning and see what damage there was to be done, but had to rush into the office to put out a small fire.  I knew everything would be massively picked over, so I asked my wife to swing by and pick me up something that she liked for me.  My only request was to look out for a cream / off white dress shirt.


Nice bag of goodies waiting for me when I got home:



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to use an in steetches phrase . . . . g&g + St Crispins incoming


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


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holy moly this thread is on fiyah.
Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post

Nice! I'm planning on buying the exact same ones online in indigo but am unsure about sizing - do you find they stretch at all in the waist? Do they have fabric to let out in the waist, or are they made more like a pair of jeans?

thanks, man.

PMed, but in case anyone else was wondering. ime, LMC chinos fit large and i have to go one size down, and they all have had extra fabric to have them taken out if needed. the ones i have had were all 100% cotton and did not have much stretch, which i like.
Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

Noice kop. I have a couple brown dot ties. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post


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Came in for consignment...never quite made it to auction biggrin.gif

Edward Green x RLPL

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Came in for consignment...never quite made it to auction biggrin.gif

Edward Green x RLPL


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yeaaah boooiiiiii
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