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DB overcoats are baws.
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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

Caruso makes a lot of their stuff, so I'd be willing to bet it's the same story with overcoats. That thing is great, love the color. Is it wool or wool/cashmere?

Just checked the tag and it says 100% Lana Wool.

I love the color, too. Malford was also selling a navy but for the things I wear in heavy rotation I really liked how the light grey would look over them. And I wear a burgundy cashmere scarf so the combination looks really nice together, in my opinion.
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Thanks again @TM79. I would love to see a pic of the unstructered SC when you have the chance.  Here is a picture of the Belvest suit fabric:


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That thing looks awesome. Great choice. I'll upload some pics of that SC tonight after work.
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5x EG Cappelli's.



(Made it to the USA today icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif)
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Apparently UPS monitors this thread. While dropping the package with my wife today, the UPS man, tears in his eyes exclaimed between sobs "We're ever so sorry. Please don't let your husband refer to us in an annoyed manner on an internet clothing forum ever again. Please accept this letter from the president, CEO, and Chairman of UPS expressing heart felt apologies and promising to flagellate themselves should we ever just barely miss you again!" My wife said it was very touching.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go file a complaint with the super duper secret government surveillance and police organization over the UPS man touching my wife. I expect he'll get black bagged for it. I'm upset, but I guess I hope he's not eliminated for it. Maimed would be good enough I think.
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nice gunclub scarf! how do you plan to wear it?
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3 roll 2. 3 patch pockets. Notch lapels. One piece back.

Edit: To clarify, this was the jacketing I was lamenting yesterday.
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Last package came in from Italy just in time for my 300th post :fonz:



Some unstructured Boglioli goodness



Billy Reid Bond Peacoat



Borrelli and Barba staples



Not-so-staplely Borrelli and Salvatore Piccolo flannel


G&G for RLPL and G&G



My favorite, Tom Ford tux for my wedding 



Finally, remember those Hobers and Cappellis I thrifted? :devil:



STORY TIME (Click to show)



A few weeks after finding the ties, I went back to the same store and decided to look in the back where they occasionally bag groups of ties. 


Pulled out one of the bag and saw this:



Recognized that oh so familiar tag and was all like:





Cost of the bag? $6.


What I found inside:


Add that to what was previously found and you get:





Total cost? $13





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That is a thrift find of the week right there.
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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post


Good lord! Nice haul jrd617!
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Originally Posted by pinkpanther View Post

Good lord! Nice haul jrd617!

lol theyre not mine. see the bottom of le sacre's post

i will have 5x cappellis coming tomorrow however...
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The perfect blue shirt bought from Shop The Finest...

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