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Bought a used copy of the Cary Grant book on amazon for 10 bucks after reading this essay
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^^^That's a great book with loads of interesting information. I think that was the first place that I saw Cary Grant cite Zeppo Marx as someone whose style he emulated early in life.
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this book was on my to-buy list for quite a while when it was widely and easy available, but I managed to delay the purchase til it got OOP baldy[1].giflol8[1].gif
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X-post: I am really hoping the knit jacket is long enough and the single back vent does not flare (the jacket is casual enough to wear in my office setting without "overdressing"). Among other things, the brown can be a bit darker I am hoping, but not any lighter, and hopefully the buttoning point is not outrageously high. 100% cotton FWIW and I had good luck with the brand in general.
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Few purchases to try out

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Nothing special! A pair of chocolate brown Lotus Toecap Oxford. I love their simplicity and their balance

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i like that stuff toasty. hope it works out for you.
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did u get ur marlow WT's?
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In good time. I have a number of goodies I am waiting on. Will post all the swag maybe next month.

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I haven't posted here in a while so here are my recent purchases.

Hope to bring more your way. Thanks in advance for taking your time to view!

Regards! smile.gif
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That bag is sick!!!
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how's that blackberry doing?
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how's that blackberry doing?

Well, the Porsche design is not doing bad although it's got few glitches which I am yet to sort out with Blackberry customer service. I am getting a replacement device next week. I call this phone a well dressed blackberry 9900. LOL smile.gif
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That bag is sick!!!

Thanks sir for the compliment. Yes, I must agree that the tan colour sets off this Eton brass buckle briefcase. It was the first thing that drew my attention to the bag. smile.gif
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