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ebay newbie

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....38&rd=1 Where does a seller like this get this suit? Did he just buy it on sale and looking to get a small margin on the price he paid? Clearly he paid not much less than the asking price for this suit, correct?? I never see RLPL on sale less than $1,000. Does he work for a department store? In other words, I only shop sales from polo.com for suits, is this legit? Obviously, you can't return it when you buy in ebay. Thanks
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Most who list on eBay don't want the opening bid to be the end bid but I suspect there are a few $'s built in for profit. Frankly that opening bid is actually quite high relative to many auctions. The tags/labels certainly look authentic to me but I'm rather new to this. A review of their feedback suggests they are legit since it's built up over a long period of time and has no negatives. They buy and sell on eBay which is a good sign as well. It has all the signs I look for regardless of the product that it's not a sham. It's stated quite clearly in the auction that returns are not an option.
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According to the seller "All of my listing items are hand picked from the department stores sales". This is listed in another one of his auctions. By the way, I've seen Purple Label suits at discounters like Century 21 for roughly $750-800. I even picked up a navy 2 button that was marked $400 because the store thought it was blue label.
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Probably gets them from a discounter who receives all of Polo's overstock items. They probably come in at $800 - 1000, and with coupons and sales things can come down 1/2 to 3/4 off of that.
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