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Slim (2.5"-3") preppy ties?

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My office's dress code is business casual (i.e. shirt, khakis/pants and tie), and for the past year I've worn a rotation of the same three ties - a blue w/red stripes BR Monogram tie, a red w/blue stripes RL tie, and a solid navy Abboud tie. As you can tell, my available color palette is pretty limited, so I'd like to pick up some additional ties. What do you guys recommend in the above size range, around or less than $70 each? I would typically pair them with solid white, blue and pink shirts, and a pair of dry denim on occasion.

J. Crew and RL Rugby look like they have some nice stuff, but is the quality worth the price?
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I have a JCrew knitted tie, about $59 retail iirc. the width is just right, nicely made. imo worth buying, tho I dont think the knit ties go on sale, at least that I've ever seen, so you can just get it whenever and not worry about it going on sale later on.
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If you want to buy one from, you can apply the 30% off coupon from the RL sale.

Dates: 9/16 - 10/6
Promo Code: RLFA2008
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Band of Outsiders is a little more expensive but I have three of their ties and absolutely love them. They are 2.5-3" as well. If you can get them through an affiliate they might fit in your price range.
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BoO ties usually go for around 75-88 at sale price if you're willing to wait a little bit.
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Custom made ties from

Buying ties you like and having them narrowed by

Jcrew "narrow" ties on sale. These are 2 3/4" wide and US made.

Check ebay for NOS ties 3" wide and slimmer. Right now I'm wearing a NOS Polo RL tie that I paid $17 for shipped. Look for less popular brands or just troll listings for ties in "new" condition. I bought about a dozen narrow ties this way most under $10 shipped...all 100% silk and all American or European made.
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thrift Brooks Brothers rep ties and have them re cut narrow
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I refuse to pay extra for slim ties. They are becoming more ubiquitous, however. I think I even saw a 3" tie at Target the other day. I just buy whatever is on sale and then recut them myself.
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Although I very rarely wear ties, the super slim tie trend isn't for me. Right now I stick with 3 inch ties from the likes of Canali and RLBL.
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