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Conte di Roma - Nice find, or not?

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Hi, guys. I just purchased a "Conte di Roma" suit at a thrift store. Never heard of this maker, but it was ridiculously cheap ($10), so I bought it. It is Italian-made, is canvassed, and has a lot of handwork, so I know it can't be utter crap. Does anyone know anything about this maker? I couldn't find anything on the web of any real use; this is probably a bad sign, I know... At the end of the day, the fabric is very nice (kind of a mid-to-heavy weight wool - fall/winter suit, for sure), somebody definitely put in some time sewing the details by hand, and I really like it. These are all pluses, of course. Here's the rub - it does need some slight alterations, probably $100 worth (let the chest out a little, fix a VERY bad job of sleeve-shortening that the previous owner had done, let the trousers out a bit). I may even have the sleeve buttons made functional if it is as nice as I think it is... Is it worth it? Thanks for any advice. Cheers, John
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I think that "Conte di Roma" is done by GFT(Gruppo Finanziario Tessile).
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OK. GFT is a pretty big umbrella, though. Any info on CdR in particular? Thanks, John
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I also found a Conte di Roma jacket in a thrift store for $3. Can't find out any info online except an article from 1984 that begins "The idea for J.C. Penney's $10 million 'Salute to Italy' promotion that begins in September can be traced back to the introduction of Conte di Roma suits for men at 150 selected stores last fall, William R. Howell, chairman, said Monday." Who knows?
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Sorry to resuscitate this ancient thread but it turned up in my google search for "Conte di Roma". I found this hanging in a thrift for $15. Something from J.C. Penney's in the mid 80's apparently. I realize the notches are kind of funky and the breast pocket is all lol, wut? but it's Italian and it fits! I think. Plus...It's the first SC I've found where I was actually able to determine that it was fully canvassed! WTF would I do with this beast?
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OOPSie! Too many pics of me. Oh well.
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