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Spring/summer jackets?

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Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up a spring/summer jacket as my last jacket seemed to have a hold burned into it somehow. I was initially looking at a simple denim jean jacket, although I have yet to really see one (I haven't seen many yet.) that I like. Obvious places I've looked at so far include Levi's and Diesel. I'm curious what the preference for color is - will a darker blue jacket go well with both light and dark blue jeans, better so than a lighter blue, or does it really not matter? While looking for such a jacket I came across a nice-looking motocross jacket. I wasn't initially impressed but the look is growing on me. It's not a leather jacket but it suits my tastes and budget, which isn't as large as in previous years I was curious though what you could wear under such a jacket, I can't really imagine a dress shirt under one of these. Are there any faux pas styles with one of these? Any other jacket types you guys are picking up or that are hot this coming season? Simple and versatile are what I'm looking for although I'm the type of guy who sees something he likes and just buys it. As for the above two jacket types, anyone seen anything in store that I might want to take a look at? I'm looking at spending a couple hundred bucks, so nothing fancy this time m
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For maximum versatility, get a brown or dark olive corduroy,moleskin, or waxed canvas jean or moto styled jacket. Will pretty much go with anything. I personally like Brown Sound for something inexpensive (about $100). For a little more, try Yoko Devereaux, Unis, or Nice Collective. Levi's is a pretty good place to look, but skip Diesel, and definitely skip Energie or GStar. Diesel and GStar jeans are okay, but their clothing is overlogoed, overpriced, and generally crappy. Energie just sucks. Period.
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I have a LL Bean coat. Original Field Coat I have the "dark rum" color. I love it. -Tom
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